Vivian Blanch 3 Months Old

The Happiest and Merriest Christmas! 
Today baby Vivian is 3 months 5 Days old. She has changed so much these past couple weeks.  I am happy to report she sleeps thru the night! My new fitbit tells me that although I am in bed sleeping for 7 1/2 hours, I get about 7 hours of sleep.  Find me on Fitbit --> HERE   
That is amazing!  No complaints. She doesn't wake anymore for middle of the night feedings.

"Santa... I know him!"
Enjoying some quiet time alone with her in front of the tree! 


Vivian has already changed so much! 
I love that grumpy little face! 

My Fitness Progress 12 Weeks Postpartum

Today baby Vivian is 12 weeks old. I can hardly believe it! 

I am so exited to report that I have lost 14 pounds exactly! It was not easy at times, turning down that glass of wine or slice of pizza, but seeing my before and after pics I am ecstatic. Living in my own skin I guess I didn't realize how good I was doing. I still focus on what I want to work on instead of how far I have come in such a short time.  

What I am doing:
  • Drinking Tons of water
  • Consuming my body weight in protein each and every day
  • Low Sugar consumption - only natural
  • Drinking my coffee black
  • Working out 3-5 times a week at NSPT see here - adult classes
  • Walking when I can
  • Always eat breakfast within the hour
  • Always wear my Fitbit 24 hours ...really! 
My current favorite snacks

  • 0% Greek yogurt with 1 scoop of Optimum Nutrition Performance Whey in Chocolate (no I am not getting paid to name brand) and a little water.  I call it pudding!  
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Kind Bars in a jam
  • mixed nuts
  • Guacamole

Miss Viv joining me yesterday at class

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