Baby Thoughts of My Blogging Future

I have been thinking a lot this week about this blog and wether to trek on blogging or to start fresh. This blog started out as my outlet.  I had so much inside of me while struggling with infertility that I needed to release. Thank goodness I found this outlet.  It was a huge healing mechanism and I am grateful to the blogging community for your support at that special time in my life. Now that I have successfully conceived and birthed my a child I feel my presence may be over stayed.

I am delighted to keep writing. Even if it is to only a couple people who may be reading. I worry about the silent readers who may not appreciate my delight or success. I do NOT want to cause anyone sorrow or again over stay my welcome.

Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. This is your blog so it should be about anything you want it to be :). I would love to hear journey now through mommy hood. I would love to hear tips a tricks for my baby to come.

  2. I like to read blogs after the babies come! After sharing the struggle it's nice to share the happy times (or new struggles, or a bit of both, as the case may be). It's really up to you. I also wonder about the silent readers: who are they, what are they thinking, what are they looking for!

  3. I think we all struggle with whats next after our miracle baby arrives. As a fellow IF blogger who made it to the other side I decided to keep blogging about my everyday life including mommyhood. It makes me sad seeing fellow bloggers moving on from their blog and ur left wondering what happened, how are they etc.

  4. I think you should blog about whatever you want to blog about. Many people appreciate seeing your progress. If they decide they don't want to read about motherhood, there are still so many wonderful blogs about there by people still in the trenches. There will always be silent readers, but remember, we all have a choice in what we read. It's your blog so let it be about what moves you the most. xx

  5. Thank you all! I do want to continue. I guess it is a normal feeling after everything I've been through

  6. I guess I'm one of those silent readers. I found your blog in late 2014 on pinterest when searching for runners who are also hypothyroid. I found that you've also struggled with infertility. Seeing that I'm also a hypothyroid runner who's struggled for 5 years with infertility I decided to start reading your blog. It's actually the only one I've followed. It's been wonderful and refreshing to follow your success story. It gives me hope. My husband and I stopped treatments about 2 years ago when several rounds of IUI were unsuccessful and one round resulted in a painful ectopic pregnancy. We've just recently decided to try IVF and will begin treatments in the next month or two. I'm scared but anxious to jump back in. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your story has helped me. At no point have I had even one second of negative feelings because of your success. On the contrary, your story helps me to stay positive in times when I fear our road has gone dark. I'm so ready for the success and the joy after all the tears and disappointment. So thank you for sharing your story with this Cincinnati silent reader. and Congratulations on your beautiful new arrival.

    1. Megan thank you so much for posting!! This brings so many emotions to the front. It feels like yesterday sometimes when I think about the sadness. It has been a world wind. This makes me feel so much better that there are people who like myself like the positive stories!

      Thank you! Good luck! Don't stop believing!

  7. This is your blog and your story to tell. I created a second blog but only because I wanted to, for myself, because I went through some pretty big life changes. But I believe I would have just kept one blog otherwise. I recently stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed it and I plan to continue following your journey!

  8. I think that Jane said it best-


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