Who knew being itchy would be a huge concern! 38 Weeks Pregnant

I am 38 Weeks pregnant. The past weeks I have been feeling extremely itchy. Thinking it was part of pregnancy I tried to lube up, avoid baths, and DO NOT SCRATCH. Well the past few nights it has been crazy!  So itchy and EVERYWHERE that I've noticed that it happens only at night and not during the day or morning. Well, I broke down and and called my midwife yesterday morning. Right away she told me that chances are I would have to come in for blood work and a urine sample that itching can be a sign of something more serious.  WHO KNEW!  She would need to confirm with my Dr. and low and behold yes I did.

The results came back in a couple hours and I got a call from my Dr. herself. My uric acid was on the high side close to normal but high and I have elevated protein in my urine. She told me that she wanted me to head to the hospital for a non stress test. She was aware that the hospital was busy so she told me to eat and relax for a couple hours and head in.  That "If" I was rereleased she would see me on Monday morning.  Well I heard that loud and clear and gathered my hospital bag for my husband just in case, leaving it at our back door.  I got to the hospital at about 6:30pm.  It is only a 15 minute drive away. 

Here I am all hooked up to the non stress test.

During the test the baby looked great!  She moved the whole time and her heart rate looked great.  My blood pressure was great and no temperature. The Dr. on duty let me know and gave me this news (I kinda knew). They did want to send me home to do a 24 hour urine collection.  This will give them a better look at the "big picture".  I go back tomorrow morning to drop off and they will have me do yet another non stress test, lab and sample. So off I went with my containers.  By now it was 9:30pm

I am curious what the fuss is.  I was already told I will be induced to give birth by next weekend. This leads me to believe that there is a chance I may go even sooner!  

Exited and anxious I wait.  


  1. I never knew that was cause for concern. Drs should mention that as one of the symptoms to look out for. Glad baby girl is ok & urself of course. She will be here before u know it.

  2. Good you got the itching checked out. Better safe than sorry. Protein in urine is always cause for concern; it is good they are testing you and being cautious. Glad to hear that baby girl is doing well. Very soon now!


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