She has arrived! Happy Birthday Vivian Blanche!

Just a quick post to announce  that she has arrived!!
Vivian Blanche
4:05 pm Tuesday September 22nd 2015
6 pounds 4.2 ounces
20 inches long

Birth Story to come soon!




Who knew being itchy would be a huge concern! 38 Weeks Pregnant

I am 38 Weeks pregnant. The past weeks I have been feeling extremely itchy. Thinking it was part of pregnancy I tried to lube up, avoid baths, and DO NOT SCRATCH. Well the past few nights it has been crazy!  So itchy and EVERYWHERE that I've noticed that it happens only at night and not during the day or morning. Well, I broke down and and called my midwife yesterday morning. Right away she told me that chances are I would have to come in for blood work and a urine sample that itching can be a sign of something more serious.  WHO KNEW!  She would need to confirm with my Dr. and low and behold yes I did.

The results came back in a couple hours and I got a call from my Dr. herself. My uric acid was on the high side close to normal but high and I have elevated protein in my urine. She told me that she wanted me to head to the hospital for a non stress test. She was aware that the hospital was busy so she told me to eat and relax for a couple hours and head in.  That "If" I was rereleased she would see me on Monday morning.  Well I heard that loud and clear and gathered my hospital bag for my husband just in case, leaving it at our back door.  I got to the hospital at about 6:30pm.  It is only a 15 minute drive away. 

Here I am all hooked up to the non stress test.

During the test the baby looked great!  She moved the whole time and her heart rate looked great.  My blood pressure was great and no temperature. The Dr. on duty let me know and gave me this news (I kinda knew). They did want to send me home to do a 24 hour urine collection.  This will give them a better look at the "big picture".  I go back tomorrow morning to drop off and they will have me do yet another non stress test, lab and sample. So off I went with my containers.  By now it was 9:30pm

I am curious what the fuss is.  I was already told I will be induced to give birth by next weekend. This leads me to believe that there is a chance I may go even sooner!  

Exited and anxious I wait.  

37 Weeks Pregnant

Today I am 37 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant.  I can't help but appreciate the moment on my morning walk! The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and I was looking forward to getting a few hours of work in.  As anxious as I feel being a Realtor, I know I have a great support team to jump in at a moments notice.  I wanted to spread my arms out while I throw my head back to the sky!  cheesy but I almost did it.

I did get some news this past week that the baby has slowed down her growth rapidly.  I have been recommended to deliver at 39 weeks and my Dr confirmed that she will be taking this recommendation.  This coming Monday she will check my cervix and depending on if I am dilated or not will determine what happens next.  Either I will be scheduled for induction or I will need to be "Ripened".  She explained this could take a few days and I would likely labor at home. As usual, for me, the less I know the better.  I rather take it as it comes.

Bringing my little assistant with me everywhere I go !  :)

How far along:  37 Weeks 5 Day

Size of Baby:  A Winter Melon! 

Movement: Yes moving lots!   

Weight Gain: I started at 138 and I am 167 

Nausea and other:  I have Acid Stomach terribly 

Mood: Positive and a bit anxious

Best moment of the week:  Finding out I am less than 2 weeks away from meeting our baby!  

Looking forward to: Monday and hearing how the week will be going. I also am meeting with my Doula again tomorrow

UPDATE 36 Weeks 1 Day Pregnant

Boy was last night a rough nights sleep. Nothing new, just so much pain.  Nothing makes me feel better after getting up, than a nice walk around my neighborhood.  Still doing 2-3 miles each day!  Yesterday we visited my step daughters new high school and I did notice that I was not as able to get around as easy as before!  I was super slow and winded.  HERE WE GO!

How far along:  36 Weeks 1 Day

Size of Baby:  A Honeydew Melon! 

Movement: Yes still moving all about and starting to get real uncomfortable.  

Weight Gain: I started at 138 and have not weighed myself this week.  Probably about 165

Nausea and other:  I still have Acid Stomach.  It comes and goes but I am good at staying on top of it at this point. 

Mood: Starting to get impatient!  I may be far from delivery so I am trying to settle it down. 

Best moment of the week:  A surprise shower from my co-wprkers.  So.. nice and unexpected.  
We also visited my Step Daughters new High School.  Brewster Academy NH - She will be boarding there so have arranged her pick up as soon as I go into labour.  She refuses to miss the day!

Looking forward to: A day off!  I think I actually have Sunday off from work and step kids!  So exited!  I may just do nothing all day!  Nap even.

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