Sneak Peak at Vivian Blanche's Nursery

Vivian Blanche's Nursery! 

First I will say YES we gave her a middle name.  Blanche is my husbands grandmothers name on his fathers side.  We just love the old names and this one is one that is not used often.  
I can't help but think of the Golden Girls! LOL!  I just love telling people her name as the reactions are priceless.  

So exited the crib is final together. I couldn't help myself but to take some pictures with my cell phone.  Little blurry sorry. I will take some pictures with my actual camera as the room comes along. I have some organizing to do but I feel like I am almost there.  Not a fan of the banner above the crib but I am having a hard time figuring out what to put there that will not potentially fall on her.  Possibly just change how it is hung? It is the banner from my baby shower so it is meaningfully cute :)   But this is what happens when the carpenter comes without me present.  Things end up a little off. 

Ikea Book Shelves - DIY bin from my wedding

Berg Crib is a hammy down from my husbands sister.
Dresser is from her as well we had it refinished by --> Melissa's Perfect Piece
Pottery Barn bedding, nightlight and mobile 

Before picture

Ikea dresser, shelf and cart. Ubi diaper pail 

I ordered sheet music of Bing Crosby's "That's An Irish Lullaby"  So cute I just love it!  
Randomly with my order (from Ebay) I got a note asking if I were related to my father in law from an old friend of his. They were able to reconnect because of it.  Of the hundreds to select from I chose his - what are the odds?  He lives a few states away now too!  I saved the note and placed it behind the sheet music.  
Nice story for Vivian to have. 


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