Preparing for First Time Labour

How do I know I am doing this right? I have never done it before. 
 What will work for one person may not work for the next.

My Goal:  To prepare my body for labour

Now I know you seasoned moms will read this and think "yea right keep dreaming" that birth doesn't always go as planned.  But just like IVF I am hoping for the best and preparing my body for that! And just like IVF when people speak to me about my desires it turns into unsolicited comments and advice. I understand I may end up having a c-section as many woman have had to have. I hope not to. 

Just like IVF the thought of worste case will not prevent me from thinking and preparing for the best!  

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant today!  A few weeks back I had a hospital visit after a little spotting over night.  I didn't realize how I was suppose to call the Dr right away and I had waited until morning to be told to go straight to the hospital.  Well, this visit was eye opening for me!  In the end the baby was just fine.  The Dr's just wanted to make sure that the spotting wasn't a sign of anything else.  It wasn't.

What I learned:
  • The hospital bed is uncomfortable
  • I was hooked up in two directions: IV fluid one way - heart monitors the other
  • I felt uncomfortable adjusting the bed even sitting up as the monitors would slide.  I wasn't sure what I was allowed to do.
  • I was hungry when I walked in at 9am told the nurses yet didn't eat until after 2pm!  I was absolutely starving.
  • The hospital got a new computer system the day before and this was taking everyones attention.  Just last week I went back for an ultrasound and still no one understands it yet.
  • My husband was no help - Love you honey! but he showed up hours later and was complaining about being in an uncomfortable cruiser all night.  He is a police officer on the morning shift 1am-9am. 
  • I wasn't sure what was going on with my body.  My back hurt so much!  Later I was told that I was laboring in my back.  The nurses kinda spoke to me like I knew what it all meant. Nope! 
  • Felt like I was waiting on people to tell me what was going on

  • To get more physically fit in this short time I have
  • Educate myself a bit more as to the process of birth and what to expect
  • Actually make a birth plan
  • Meet with a Douala - figure out if that is what I want - hopefully she can ease my anxieties 


Having suffered since week 16 with a pelvic hernia along with some scary bleeding early on. I have not been able to be active most all of this pregnancy.  Wether on "pelvic rest" or just that the hernia killed, I have finally been able to start long walks these past couple weeks!  Boy is this great!  It is de-stressing and calming for me. My little getaway from my home where I lose myself in my music.  I have done a TON of research and walking is suppose to be a great way to prepare for labour.  It is said that it can help shorten how long a woman is actually in labour so I am walking away!  


God bless my husband but after our little visit to the hospital I know now more than ever that he will not be a good birthing partner for me.  Although I am so exited to have him there and support in his own way, I am very exited to be meeting with a Douala this week. I have so many questions!  She will understand and support my birth plan, stay with me, feed me, keep me relaxed and calm, make me a bath and tell me that I got this.  

With my hospital having that new computer system and not knowing just how many woman the nurses will also be attending to, I am so happy to be looking into my own personal helper aka: doula.


As so many of you woman have done, some of which found this page for the same reason, I have done tons of internet research.  "ways to prepare for labour" "Tips to a shorter birth" and so on...

These are the things I have looked into that now that I am 34 weeks along I am trying:

Raspberry Leaf Tea:  Soon to switch to "Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Tea for Mamas to Be" yup a mouth full. Raspberry Leaf Tea is know to help labour along.  Not necessarily make it faster but to improve uterus conditions making it stronger and ready for delivery.  Also used for mistral period and birthing recovery.  Earth Mama Tea is Raspberry Leaf Tea with extra ingredients to support Iron consumption and more.

How much?  2-5 cups a day!

Evening Primrose Oil: To help shorten labor, start labor and prevent a late delivery.  Not to be used before 34 weeks pregnant.  Alway ask your Dr. before consuming this product.  

How much?   2000mg a day

Eating Dates:  Dates have been long known to help pregnant woman Labor less as long and to go into delivery on their own without intervention.  Only small studies have been done on this.  

How many?  4-6 dates a day

Birthing Ball:  The birthing ball helps the baby fall into place.  Many say it is the easiest way to get the baby to move around when needed to change his or her position.  It is also my most comfortable place to sit in the house.  I can practice labor positions with it.  

How often do I use?  everyday!

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  1. First time labour can be intimidating! I hope some of the things you are trying help. Birth is ultimately unpredictable however and part of labour preparation is coming to an acceptance of this. I hope you have a good connection with the doula! if not keep interviewing till you find someone whom you do connect with.


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