Exploring My Birth Options

After a long visit at my hospital last week, I have been doing a lot of thinking.  What kind of delivery do I really want to have. I was so uncomfortable, not with the staff or hospital, but sitting in this bed partially reclined for hours on end.  I NEVER sit like that and it did not feel natural to me.  AT ALL!  My back ached so bad.  I am unsure if it was my pre labor contractions or just this awkward position.  I was hooked up to monitors around my waist going to the left and had an IV in my right arm going to my right.
Is this the position I will be in when I give birth?
Will I be sitting like that for hours on end ..days? Hooked up to these things.  I'm not digging it and I want to know what my options are.

I'd Like to move around. I'd like to have the feeling of my legs.  This is bringing me to explore the thoughts of a drug free natural birth.  Now I've voiced my opinion of exploring this avenue to many people in my life to not so supportive feedback. 

My Mom:  "Things are not like they use to be, take the drugs they offer them early now" (she had 3 natural births 2 last minute epidurals)
My sister: "If you are not 100% you will NOT go through with it"  (she had 4 natural births)
Other sister:  "I know you, you'll take the drugs" (had a c-section)
Girlfriends: "Are you crazy take the drugs" (both had a c-section)
My Dr: before switching "most woman who go in with an open mind end up taking the drugs" 

A little nervous I asked my mid wife.  She was surprisingly encouraging saying things like "you can do it" and in that tone... you know like she meant it! She told me that some woman enjoy pushing.  That the pain of childbirth is different for everyone and each time.  She encouraged me to watch a documentary. The Business of Being Born   It was actually free on my Netflix subscription.  

I am so happy to have seen it.  It is not hippy crunchy like I thought it may had been.  It is really just eye opening and educational.  I now have a lot to think about.  

If you have seen this or have had a natural birth in a hospital please let me know.  I'd love to hear about it! I am not into having a home birth but am considering a natural drug free birth.  Not to be disappointed if things happen. 


  1. I wanted a natural birth but I was induced. I knew that if I was induced I would be open to pain relief and I did need it. She was also posterior which hurt like a mofo. I think your Dr has it right, go in with an open mind but if you are going natural and your labour comes naturally then the rest will follow much more smoothly.

  2. I think whatever you want to do is what you should do. It's no one else's choice. I started to make a plan myself but then decided I'll just take it as it comes.

  3. There are so many decisions. Make a plan, but keep focused on the end game (healthy baby) as not to deal with disappointment if things don't go smoothly. Have you considered a dula? A dula can be great for advice, support and encouragement in the moment when you are having to make decisions mid labor. So excited for you to hold your little one in your arms soon.

  4. At the end its your decision as to what u want to do. Just keep in mind not everything goes as plan. I wanted to deliver vaginally but because my baby's life was at risk they performed an emergency csection. Everything happen so quickly that I was thankful I had already taken the epidural during my induction no more waiting and he was born safely.

    1. I'm not saying all this to discourage you. Just letting you know that we can make plans but labor is unpredictable.


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