33 Weeks Pregnant *update*



This week I have been walking up a storm!   2-3 miles a day.  Since the weather is hot and not cooperating I have been getting up an going first thing each morning!  I am concentrating a lot this week on ways to help my labour move along fastest when it comes time.  Raspberry Leaf Tea, eating Dates and long walks are a good start!  Post to come!   I am also thinking about packing that hospital bag.  Ever since my day stay in the hospital a couple weeks ago I realized it is better to be packed.
How far along:  33 weeks 5 days

Size of baby: Durian - I have added baby center Pic since ...who the heck knows what a Durian is? 

Movement: YES! Flipping all around!   She has been head down for a long time now and somehow kicks my hip

Weight Gain: I started at 138 and this week I am 160.7 (I am 5'6.5)

Nausea and other: No, I think I am in the clear with the nausea.  Acid reflex is in full force! 

Mood: Feeling emotional!  Started two days ago that I am weepy with highs and lows.  

Best moment of the week:  The carpenter came and hung pictures and shelves in the babies room!

Looking forward to: Meeting a potential Doula this week

You can see she is low!  


This pic is creeps but shows my size!   

Chillin at my office


  1. How can you tell which direction the baby is laying? I wonder all the time what position he is in but don't know how to tell. You look great!! Glad you are able to get some exercise in :)

    1. I actually only know because of all the ultrasounds I've had to have. My last one was last week! I always ask.

  2. You look fabulous and it definitely looks like baby has dropped. I remember when my son officially dropped and my stomach looked lower. Still felt kicks in the most awkward places. Lol

  3. Looking good mama! good call to hire a doula.


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