32 weeks pregnant pictures!

Dress from Gap, Shall by LOFT

How far along:  32 Weeks 3 Days

Baby is the size of a: Pineapple 

Babies Movement:  YES!  All the time!  She flips around first thing in the morning all day and night! Busy little girl 

Symptoms:  Severe Heart Burn.  I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar 3 table spoons per glass 1 glass of water when it starts once a day.  It works most of the time, otherwise I use Zantac

Total Weight Gain:  I have not weighed myself in a while but I believe I am about 20 Pounds to date

Sleep: Every other night I get a good night sleep ...if I am lucky. I have been very uncomfortable, especially in my back.

Food Cravings:  Spicy!  and this is not helping my heartburn

Exercise:  Not this week.  I have come to accept that I will not workout for all of 2015. 

Stretch Marks:  No

Mood:  Good! 

THIS WEEK:  Busy busy! I will start off with the good.  It was my birthday yesterday!  :) I had a great day that started out with a closet company coming by to install systems in the babies room (and a few other closets) and ended my day at the beach with my girlfriends.  Organization makes me extremely happy right now so I was happy to wait for them to finish!  
The night before was my maternity shoot.  My photographer www.kerrygoodwin.com is amazing! She was great enough to send me these sneak peeks.  Picture were taken in Ipswich MA 20 minutes from my home.  

The not so good:  I ended up in the hospital a few days ago for 8 hours after a spotting incident.  It happened in the middle of the night.  I actually didn't worry myself and called my Dr's office in the morning.  They told me I should not had waited to call. I guess with all the bleeding I had early in pregnancy I thought a little spotting wasn't a big deal but I guess at 32 weeks it is.  
I got to the hospital and got all hooked up to monitors to find out I was contracting.  To make a long story short they gave me 2 bags of fluid thinking I may had been dehydrated but my contractions got worse where I could feel them in my back along with cramps.  They ended up giving my tribulin shot and it worked.  I went home 3 hours later.  Cervix still closed.  

Shirt by Motherhood Maternity, Kimono from Ebay


  1. Beautiful photos!! Hoping that lil one stays put for the long haul.

  2. Love your maternity pictures. Sorry you had that scare. Hope she stays put a bit longer.


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