No Relief From the Worries! MRI During Pregnancy

I thought I was out of the woods!  IVF is hard.. so hard.  
I thought that it would be the hardest part of our baby journey. 

    We have had some slight scares with our babies brain this pregnancy.  About 6 weeks ago we were told everything was fine and to schedule a follow up ultrasound.  This ultrasound was the week before my shower at 28weeks. I decided to go to it alone as my husband had a busy morning and... Heck everything was ok! Well to my surprise it was not. At this appointment the Dr. Told me that the fluid they were seeing in our babies brain had grown.  They hoped it would have subsided by this appointment.  We were referred to Children's Hospital in Boston.  
    My appointment was the morning after our shower.  We decided not to tell anyone and put a dark cloud over the day.  The hospital had had a cancelation so I jumped to take it even with the strange timing.  It was a long day starting with my 5am wake up!  I had a MRI and a long 1 hour and 1/2 ultrasound.  The MRI was so strange laying so very still with this dancing baby sin side of me!  

Pic of me after they asked me to go back into the MRI machine for the 2nd time.  

The ultrasound tech gave me this 3D pic of our sleeping princess. 

There was a long wait between my 2 appointments and our meeting with the Dr.  The nurse was kind enough to pull me aside before the ultrasound and tell us that everything was looking good and to try and relax.  I guess the MRI went very well.  
It is such an emotional place to be.  

Well everything is great! Our baby has above average fluid around her cellebrum. Her brain is developing perfectly.  They got some amazing pictures during the MRI.  What a relief. 
They look for other signs throughout the body of the brain not developing correctly and she is perfect.  
She just has a little extra cushion! 

What a relief.  This pregnancy has not gone as I thought it would 
  • 5 rounds of IVF
  • Bad morning sickness early on
  • Placenta abruption
  • Low lying placenta
  • Painful Hernia
  • Severe acid reflex 

I'll take it to have her in my arms. 


  1. Oh sweetie sorry uve been through all that. But u are right its all worth it to have her in ur arms. Hope things go a little better from now on until she's in ur arms.

  2. That sounds like a stressful few hours but how nice to hear that things look good after all. Amazing photos; she looks beautiful :-)

  3. So glad to hear everything is ok and what a precious little face!!

  4. I had to have an MRI during my pregnancy too. Glad to hear that all looked well with her brain and I hope your placenta issues resolve too!


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