Having a quiet moment and appreciating that ... Yes, I am pregnant!

I am 31 weeks today! As I sit in a CVS parking lot I decide to take a quiet moment to myself away from the bustle of my home.  Three step kids and a needy husband lol!
I just sit here listening to the music feeling my belly.  As usual she is moving around like crazy.  I can visually see my belly doing flips.  It feel so funny, I can't describe but I think to myself I may have never known these feelings. I may had never gotten pregnant.  The reality of my five rounds of IVF are sinking in. These past few weeks have been filled with such happiness.  More than I have been able to feel in years.  
I have a big belly now for show. Everywhere I go people ask me when I am due.  Do I know what I am having? Have I picked a name?  We had our shower for the baby and are doing over her room now! It's really happening!  We are having a baby! Brings tears to my eyes.

Just thought I would share my positive moment!  For those of you who have followed my struggle...  isn't it amazing!  


  1. That's so awesome! ! I can't catch my boys movements on video yet but I sure look forward to it :-)

  2. So glad you are enjoying the moment! It's a beautiful process. Love the belly wiggles; that brought back memories! Belly wiggles are the best - at least until baby is on the outside. ;-)

  3. So awesome and exciting!! Glad you are enjoying your pregnancy.


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