Having a quiet moment and appreciating that ... Yes, I am pregnant!

I am 31 weeks today! As I sit in a CVS parking lot I decide to take a quiet moment to myself away from the bustle of my home.  Three step kids and a needy husband lol!
I just sit here listening to the music feeling my belly.  As usual she is moving around like crazy.  I can visually see my belly doing flips.  It feel so funny, I can't describe but I think to myself I may have never known these feelings. I may had never gotten pregnant.  The reality of my five rounds of IVF are sinking in. These past few weeks have been filled with such happiness.  More than I have been able to feel in years.  
I have a big belly now for show. Everywhere I go people ask me when I am due.  Do I know what I am having? Have I picked a name?  We had our shower for the baby and are doing over her room now! It's really happening!  We are having a baby! Brings tears to my eyes.

Just thought I would share my positive moment!  For those of you who have followed my struggle...  isn't it amazing!  

No Relief From the Worries! MRI During Pregnancy

I thought I was out of the woods!  IVF is hard.. so hard.  
I thought that it would be the hardest part of our baby journey. 

    We have had some slight scares with our babies brain this pregnancy.  About 6 weeks ago we were told everything was fine and to schedule a follow up ultrasound.  This ultrasound was the week before my shower at 28weeks. I decided to go to it alone as my husband had a busy morning and... Heck everything was ok! Well to my surprise it was not. At this appointment the Dr. Told me that the fluid they were seeing in our babies brain had grown.  They hoped it would have subsided by this appointment.  We were referred to Children's Hospital in Boston.  
    My appointment was the morning after our shower.  We decided not to tell anyone and put a dark cloud over the day.  The hospital had had a cancelation so I jumped to take it even with the strange timing.  It was a long day starting with my 5am wake up!  I had a MRI and a long 1 hour and 1/2 ultrasound.  The MRI was so strange laying so very still with this dancing baby sin side of me!  

Pic of me after they asked me to go back into the MRI machine for the 2nd time.  

The ultrasound tech gave me this 3D pic of our sleeping princess. 

There was a long wait between my 2 appointments and our meeting with the Dr.  The nurse was kind enough to pull me aside before the ultrasound and tell us that everything was looking good and to try and relax.  I guess the MRI went very well.  
It is such an emotional place to be.  

Well everything is great! Our baby has above average fluid around her cellebrum. Her brain is developing perfectly.  They got some amazing pictures during the MRI.  What a relief. 
They look for other signs throughout the body of the brain not developing correctly and she is perfect.  
She just has a little extra cushion! 

What a relief.  This pregnancy has not gone as I thought it would 
  • 5 rounds of IVF
  • Bad morning sickness early on
  • Placenta abruption
  • Low lying placenta
  • Painful Hernia
  • Severe acid reflex 

I'll take it to have her in my arms. 

My Baby Shower 29 Weeks 4 Days

My Shower was this weekend and I can not express how grateful I am! It was beautiful and I had such a wonderful time.  Pictures were not much of a priority of the day so it has been hard to scrounge up pictures of the day but these will have to do.

Location: Nahant Ma Country Club 
I am currently 29 weeks 4 Days

Pictures of me and my husband both at the same age

Indoor outdoor seating

 I bought my dress last minute at the Gap $19.95

 OJ was at every place setting upon arrival


 Didn't get a picture of the wonderful breakfast buffet but here are the deserts! 
It was a HOT Humid Day! 

My 2 little helpers Maggie and Evie my sister and husbands sisters kids!  

 Salt Water Taffy as a favor in mason jars

In the end, and this is kinda funny, I got most all clothes!  Most all size 3 months. 
I am so happy I had an early shower since now I will have to buy most everything on my registry!  
Not complaining, I am so grateful and happy for this day and all the thoughtfulness.

Our Disney Old Key West 4th of July Vacation While Pregnant!

Bittersweet to be home!  
On one hand I would have loved to stay another week 
and on the other I am 28 weeks pregnant and eager to ready for babies arrival!

My family of 5 and 2/3 of us went.  I am over 6 month pregnant.  We stayed at The Old Key West Resort in Disney June 29th - July 8th, 2015.  Me, my husband and my 3 step kids - twin 15 year olds and a 12 year old.  The forth of July is known to be the busiest time of year in Disney as well as hot!  Boy are both those things true!  None the less we had an amazing time!

See Pregnant in Disney Tips at the bottom!  


Like any Disney Vacation Club Member we plan our Disney Vacation pretty much while on our last Disney Vacation. No seriously...! Lots of thought out thorough planning goes into our Disney Vacations.  Luckily Disney makes it easy and we can do most all of it online.

We opted for our usual Hopper Passes and our "magic bands" arrived about 1 month out.

Our room door 2712 - Welcome home!

Originally we planned an August trip to Saratoga Springs to stay in a Tree House.  
Surprise I got pregnant!  Well after 5 rounds of IVF  See here
The Tree Houses were fully booked for any earlier arrival date. Our choices were restricted between Old Key West and Saratoga Springs in a 2 Bedroom Villa instead.  We have not stayed at either.  Knowing that we would be back to stay at the Tree Houses another year we decided to try out Old Key West Resort.  

Katie's Tip: I called the hotel front dest the day before we arrived and told them I was pregnant.  I requested a room near the hospitality building.  This Resort is HUGE and I am thankful I did this! 


Love the online check in and now with the magic bands I received and email and text that our room was ready!  All before we even arrived.  We went straight to the room forgoing checking all together.  

Katie's Tip: We used Garden Grocers gardengrocer.com and saved 5% purchasing groceries in advance online.  They delivered it all the day before we arrived and Disney stored it in their fridge and freezers until our arrival.  10% saving if we purchased 60 days out.  
Water in the parks can be up to $4 a bottle.  Having cases in our room was great.

Ah..  made it! 

View of Kitchen - this is the largest Villa we have ever stayed in.  It was huge!
View from our balcony - so peaceful and we could see peek-a-boo of the Hollywood Studios nightly fireworks. 

View from Master down hall and into bathroom

View from front of our Building looking at pool area and canal

View looking left.  Bus stop so very close 
Just over bridge to hospitality house 

Ferry from Hospitality Area to Downtown Disney

Raglan Road Irish Brunch Weekends a Must!  See Here  Downtown Disney
First Day walked to Germany!  Boy I didn't realize how the heat and pregnancy don't mix!  

Our favorite Dinner was Narcoses See here Easily the best meal I have had all year
and the price matched but worth it! 

View on our way into dinner

Had to take pics of the new Saratoga bridge connecting Saratoga to Downtown Disney

Baby onboard! 

Chef Micky's! 

Another night of fireworks! Amazing this was at a Mexico restaurant in Epcot.

Our last night at the Boardwalk.  It had just rained
We decided next trip will be Beach Club

Pregnant in Disney Tips:  

  • Take it slow!  
  • Plan on going out just once a day.  For me this meant staying at hotel or pool alone in room some days.
  • Wear a pedometer to monitor step - stay under 10,000 - trust me this is hard
  • Rent a scooter - I fought this but gave in 1/2 way through wish I had it all week (don't be too proud no one will judge)
  • Warning: You WILL swell especially in the heat.  
  • Water Water Water you can not drink enough - I drank 13+ 16oz bottles a day! 
  • Request near your hospitality building
  • Ask for assistance - I would ask for a ride from staff members all the time (golf carts etc)
  • Mid day naps are the best
  • Once the sun goes down it's on..  Cooler at night and so much easier to walk around and enjoy! 
  • Plan in advance - we planned 1 meal a day in advance with a reservation this was great!  I could plan my attack on how I would get there and or rest on the way. 

See our trip to Disney Aulani Here

Other Family Vacations Here 

3rd Trimester! 27 Weeks Pregnant in Disney!

Yay! Today marks day 1 of our third trimester.  We also made it to WDW Walt Disney World. The heat has been brutal.  I realized after our second day that between the heat and walking that my belly was getting very tight!  Scary but it is likely from dehydration and standing too much. Pool vacation for me! I will have to hear about my family adventures at the end of each day.  

How Far Along:  27 Weeks

Baby is the size of: A Rutabaga

Weight Gain:  I am away and not able to weigh myself.  Oh my...! vacation weight!   

Feeling: Good.  It is hot here in FL compared to MA.  trying to take it easy

Movement:  She is moving a lot!   Mostly at night but all the time

Stretch Marks: Nope!  Not yet.  

Favorite moment this week:  We are in Disney World!  

I can't wait to write my vacation post! We are staying at Old Key West and are NOT disappointed.  We never are... Disney just knows how to do it right.  

Barely looking pregnant in this one?  Its an illusion  LOL! 

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