25 Weeks Pregnant with Vivian Ash

25 weeks Pregnant and one week away from Disney.  I thought I would be a lot bigger by now but have to admit I am not upset about it. It will be zoo in Florida...  hot, sticky and crowded!   Thank goodness we are Vacation Club Members and will have a large apartment intend of small hotel room.  

How Far Along:  25 weeks 4 days

Baby is the size of: Cauliflower,  I find this one funny! 

Weight Gain:  I have gained about 12 pounds since the start

Feeling: Great!  She is Very low lying so I do have some pains.

Movement:  She is moving a lot still!   Mostly at night

Stretch Marks: Nope!  Not yet.  

Favorite moment this week:  My Nana's 90th birthday and telling her we are naming the baby Vivian after her!  

Vivian Ash

Vivian after my moms mom
Ash after my husband first 3 kids Abbigale, Spencer and Hunter 


  1. Beautiful name! what a great moment to share with your Nana :-)

  2. What a beautiful name and I love how you came up with the middle name too!!


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