23 Weeks Pregnant! Update

So for those of you following, I finally had the follow up ultrasound on my babies brain.  Everything looks fine!  We are so relieved.  He even said "I won't even mention what we thought ..because it is not".  And I am so glad for that!

not the best pic I literally just took it.
Either this or no pic!
Looking small still :) 

How Far Along:  23 Weeks 2 Days

Baby is the size of: A Grapefruit or we were told 1 pound 2 ounces 36 percentile in size.  She is a peanut!

Weight Gain:  I have gained about 11 pounds since the start

Feeling: Great!  She is Very low lying so I do have some pains.

Movement:  She is moving around like crazy!  Dr.'s said she was breech and on my right side.  I could already tell where she was.  I'm sure she'll be moving around dozens of times before the big day.

Stretch Marks: Nope!  I have been scrubbing since day 1 with St. Ives body scrub, using Mothers Nature body oil and Vitamin E capsules.  Stretch Marks freak me out!

Favorite moment this week:  Planning the baby shower!  I was able to pick the location of my baby shower which will be July 19th.  I will only be 30 weeks. A little early but it was either that or 35+ weeks.  I rather have everything early than late.  I am an organizer.

I also bought my baby carriage!   I registered at BabiesRus and Pottery Barn which do not carry it and being that it is kinda expensive, regardless what my mother tells me, I felt like it was one thing I should just pick up the bill for!

These are some pics of it!  Uppababy Vista!   Black


  1. U are looking great! I had my shower early and honestly liked it since I was able to enjoy myself plus I know what we have n still need.

  2. Nice! you are looking good. Glad the ultrasound showed everything OK. The carriage looks very good (quite similar to ours, haha, which we do really like). The bassinet attachment is great for when they are tiny. I used to wheel it around the house so baby could always be close to me when she was napping. :-)

  3. You are the cutest pregnant lady! So glad everything shows things are good on the ultrasound. That can be so stressful if there is a concern! I think it's super smart to have your shower early. I thought we were doing mine super early and in the end I was grateful we did because there was concern the baby would come earlier than we planned. So happy for you!

  4. So glad to hear that everything is ok :)


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