21 Weeks Pregnant Update

21 Weeks along and I am finally starting to really show.  I had my first "when are you due?" asked as I checked out at the super market.  She is kicking away!  Lots of movement.  I had another ultrasound last week that confirmed how busy she is.  Surprisingly I have to go back in two weeks for another.  The Dr.reading my ultrasounds wants to re measure something in the brain himself.  Since my nurse told me not to google I opted not to write it down and have already forgotten what it is called. I figure I will worry when I need to.  For now I will enjoy being pregnant!  

I still can't believe I am pregnant!

How far along: 21 weeks 1 day

Baby is the size of: a pomegranate 

Feeling: she is very low so having some pains but good 

Movement:  yes! Love feeling her moving around

Stretch marks:  not yet. Fingers crossed

Favorite moment this week:  shopping for new clothes


  1. Its an unexplainable feeling u get feeling them move.

  2. Adorable!!!! Beautiful bump!


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