16 and 17 Weeks Pregnant and Finally a Diagnosis - Placenta Abruption

Placenta Abruption:
After my last regular visit at my Dr.'s office earlier this week I was able to have a nice long conversation with my nurse practitioner in regard to bleeding and pain episodes I have experienced.
She can not confirm for sure, but has to assume the worst. I have or had a Placenta Abruption.  This is when part of the placenta tears away causing the bleeding and pain.

What does this mean for me?

No working out for the rest of the pregnancy

No Intercourse for the rest of the pregnancy

So if No hot baths, raw sushi and wine wasn't enough for me.  All of my pleasures in life are dwindling!

Round Ligament Pain: 
I also have had some bad round ligament pains.  I had mistaken them for constipation but after some conversations with the nurse practitioner she told me to purchase a support band for my (small) belly.  I did and it has worked wonders!  I hope no to have to wear it the whole pregnancy but if it helps this discomfort I am all for it!

How far along:  17 weeks 2 days

Size of baby: Pear, Dr Said I am measuring large ..oh boy! 

Movement: No, I still can not feel the baby moving

Weight Gain: I started dat 138 and am now 142.2 (I am 5'6)

Nausea and other: No, I think I am in the clear with the nausea.  I am having major round ligament pains. I hope this is not a sign of things to come! 

Mood: Feeling good

Best moment of the week:  Finally a date night with my husband :)

Looking forward to: Next weeks Ultrasound!  


  1. I had a lot of round ligament pain with my twin pregnancy and have had some already this time around. Chiropractic care really makes a difference for me. I see someone who specializes in pregnant women. Is yoga an option?

  2. So glad they have figured out a course of action although I know it takes away the pleasures you had left :( Here's hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

  3. U look great. Sorry u are experiencing a lot of round ligament pain. I know when I get it its around my belly button and it would hurt to stretch, roll over, etc.


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