14 and 15 weeks Pregnant Belly Pop!


Well it's been an eventful couple weeks.  With a couple more bleed episodes due to a hematoma aka bloodclot above the baby it has certainly kept us on our toes. Well actually kept me off my toes.
If I wasn't cramping so much I suppose I'd feel more comfortable resuming normal as my dr says.   

These past weeks it has seemed to go away? A couple more weeks and an ultrasound and hopefully I will get this confirmed.


How far along: 15weeks 3 days

Size of the baby: The size of an apple

Total weigh gain:   2-3 pounds

Exercise:  Just a lot of house work. I am on pelvic rest so no working out yet.

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Waking up a lot at night.  Exhausted all day.

Movement: None

Food cravings: Sweets!

Nausea and Symptoms: A little sometimes.

Mood: Happy,  how can I not be..  right!!

Moment to Remember of the week: I have been working a lot so my moments are uneventful!

Most looking forward to:  Starting the babies room. 


  1. Rest is good! that belly is definitely popping. I hope the SCH is gone and does cause you any more trouble.

  2. You look great!! Hoping everything continues to go well and that pesky bleeding goes away.


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