Sub-Chronic Hematoma at 13 Weeks Pregnant

It has been a scary week!  It all started a week from this past Sunday.  I discovered that I was spotting pretty bad. Then came along the cramping.  I immediately freaked out having had a loss in the past. Thank God I had my home heart monitor see here. It took me a little bit to find it, but she was still there. I called the Dr. on call and she basically said to keep my feet up.  If it got any worse like actual bleeding more than a pad an hour to call.  Wow.. I was not even close to bleeding like that so I felt better.  The next day I was asked to go into my Dr.'s office for a Rhogam shot.  I am O-  Rh-.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. I was hosting an open house and it was a complete zoo! Talking with a couple I felt a sudden gush.  I soon went to the bathroom, dreading the worst, and it was about 1/3 or less a cup of clear and a little blood fluid? Uneasy I called my husband for the heart monitor. By the time he had gotten it over to me it happened again, like a water balloon had exploded in my pants, this time it was all blood and about 1/2  a cup. Luckely I had something there to catch it! The heartbeat was still there and my cramps were very mild.  About 30 minutes later a few teaspoons came out again.  A gush not over time. All at once.

I called the Dr. on call and was told to come into the office first thing for an ultrasound.
I did and they can not tell me for sure but did see the small remanence of a Sub-chronic Hematoma.  A fancy term for blood clot.  I am told that it will either dissolve itself or it could collect more blood where I would likely bleed again.

The baby was not effected at all!  After all the stress I got to enjoy seeing the baby on an ultrasound for the first time since the IVF office - 8 weeks.  She was moving all around and literally jumping!  So cute.  I only wished my husband was with me. She did give me a few pictures after reassuring me that she looked sting and healthy.  Great heart rate of 158 and measuring on time.

I guess she is just causing drama already!  :)



  1. Seeing blood during pregnancy is a scary thing. At least they have a diagnosis. With me they never knew why I was randomly bleeding. Hope it clears up soon. Glad baby girl is going well.

  2. Ugh those damn, damn hematomas! Causing stress and panic when it's the last thing you need! I had one too (but earlier in the pregnancy) and thought the worst. So glad you got to see the little girl on the ultrasound. Phew! thinking of you and hoping that it was a one off thing.

  3. Those are the worst and so scary. I had one for about 11 weeks with my girls. Always seeing red blood and huge clots. No pregnant woman should go through that. Glad its resolved!

  4. Ugh, so scary. I had a SCH for the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy... try to relax and i'm hoping it doesn't come back!


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