AngelSounds Fetal Doppler Review with Video

Going through IVF is hard enough not to mention the scare of a possible reoccurring miscarriage.  I have been going into my Dr.'s office every week to hear the heartbeat of my now 11 week old nugget.

There are so many home dopplers available to buy and the prices vary HUGE!  
I don't buy anything without research and I did not want to waste money on a cheap doppler that did not work.

I ended up choosing this one.  One of the cheapest!  

I ordered it on Ebay, being cheap and I wish I had used Amazon or another source as it took 3 extra days than stated to get to me.  Torture!  I paid $20 on ebay it is about $28 currently on Amazon.  It came with a battery in it.  

There are twos sockets which I used headphones at first but quickly grabbed my iPod station and used that as speakers.  It took my about 30-50 seconds to find the heartbeat!!  I have read you can hear it as early as 9 weeks by some reviews.

I have quoted one review here:
There are some tricks to it
* Lie down slightly reclined.
* Start low by the pubic bone, you might need to aim downwards slightly. Slowly move from side to side, and then gradually further up. At around 10 weeks we would often find the baby to one side, such as near the area where my ovaries were.
* Use a good amount of gel and push in quite firmly.
* Have a full bladder.
* If you don't have any luck, try again first thing the next day with an empty stomach and a full bladder.
* Be patient! If you don't find the heartbeat, it could just be that the baby's heart is a small target and the baby can move around in there too.

Drumroll...  my short video! 

I counted 42 beats in 15 seconds x 4 = 174 beats per minute!  
In the end I would highly recommend!  :)


  1. I used this same monitor when I got pregnant! It's so reassuring to be able to hear the heartbeat on your own!

  2. So glad to hear that you are finding a way to manage the anxiety. It must be wonderful to be able to listen to that little bean!

  3. I did the same thing but I bought a pricier one that showed me the beats per minute.

  4. I had a Doppler I rented during my first pregnancy, it's a lifesaver!!! :)


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