9 Weeks Pregnant Update


Still sick as a dog so it has been difficult getting to this post.  

Picture: Hell no!  I feel awful and am not showing much anyway!  Enjoy the view of my fridge

How far along: 9 weeks 5 days

Size of the baby: The size of a grape

Total weigh gain: 1/2 a pound

Exercise:  Sadly just one visit to the gym this week. I am NOT doing my 10,000 steps a day due to being under the weather.  

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: I sleep due to nausea, better to be sleeping than be sick

Movement: None but at night if a lightly touch my stomach I can feel fluttering

Food cravings: French Fries once this week!  

Nausea: I have not been able to eat much of a variety due to this still!  I did have 3 days in a row this week that I was not sick and it was amazing!! I wish I got more done than I did since it is back and in force! :(

Mood: Exited and nervous!  I feel pregnant but still can't help worry if it is still there! So last week and this week I have appointments to see the babies heartbeat in the office.  My nurse has been very kind and understanding! 

Moment to Remember of the week: Throwing up in the car :( 
Telling my two step sons. (my step daughter has knows all along)  They are so exited and cute about it! 

Looking forward to:  Again, my Thursday appointment to see the heartbeat!  


  1. Oh no, throwing up in the car is the worst 😟. Sorry you are feeling so sick, but just know, you're in good company! I told my husband I feel like I'm never going to feel normal/good again. Its SO not fun! Amazing you are feeling flutters already.

  2. I'm sorry nausea has taken over. Hope u feel better soon. We have a Thursday appt as well to see baby. Praying everything goes well for the both of us.


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