14 Things I Tried During IVF to Get Pregnant

14 things I tried this successful round of IVF!

This was my 5th round of IVF. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant!
This is my personal list of the things I did this round that led

1.)  Quit Caffeine: All Together this included Tea and Soda.  I had quit coffee around time of transfer every other round, this round I decided to quit weeks prior.  I also quit drinking tea as well.  I had serious side effects mostly being headaches for days.  It was worth it!

2.)  Reducing Stress: This is tricky as stress is not always in your control.  Big props to my husband as he took most everything off my shoulders and really backed up the "No Stress Zone" I wanted.  I even drastically stopped communication with certain family members of my husbands who had voiced unsupportive opinions.  This went a LONG way with my stress.

3.)  Acupuncture:  Just before my 4th round I decided to try acupuncture.  I made a whopping 15 eggs in comparison to the 5 or 6 I had been making.  Sadly my husband frozen sperm was no good but this gave me a huge incentive to continue.  I kept going about 6 months prior to round 5.

4.)  Eating Pineapple:   See here  I ate pineapple everyday AFTER transfer for 5 days including the rind.

5.)  Eating Walnuts:  I've read the benefits of eating walnuts for successful implantation and pregnancy.  I still eat walnuts most days.

6.)  Sleeping More:  I listened to my body which told me I was tired.  VERY tired!  So I slept.

7.)  Spell Yup..:   See Here  I can't leave this out as I did do it!

8.)  Shooting Stars:  I prayed, hoped and dreamed!   I tried to never give up and keep a good attitude. After 5 rounds my heart was heavy and sad so keeping positive was important.  Looking back I am sure I just came across miserable to people but..  I tried :)

9.)  Therapy:  After a lost pregnancy my first round of IVF I put myself in therapy straight away.  I was depressed! Therapy lasted about 6 months until I started feeling better.  One of the things recommended was meditation.

10.) Meditation:  I found my mind going crazy, wether it be over an insensitive comment someone made, obsessing over what phase I was in or not being invited to another family event because God forbid I be around kids!  Although I do not do it regularly I found taking time each day to sit quiet and appreciate the positives.

11.) Yoga pose: Prior to IVF until egg retrieval I would lay, butt up against a wall and under a pillow. My legs straight up in the air. This pose increases circulation in the ovaries and uterus.  It is known as a fertility pose.  Drape arms back to the side and feel the blood fall from your feet and pool at your uterus.

12.)  Resting After Transfer: I had resumed normal right after transfer most of my rounds.  Vacuuming, shopping, going for walks etc..  This is not what I felt was normal..  the retrieval hurt and I felt like I needed time to recover.  My husbands moto was "I want us to have no regrets"  "all in". I didn't necessarily lay down but I certainly took it easy and listened to my body.

13.)  Eat Healthier:  I am not going to say I didn't eat pizza ever but I was very conscious about eating a balanced meal.

14.) Embryoscope:  see here  We rented an embryoscope. Boston IVF offered us to pay to use this machine that works as an incubator.  Normally the embryos are taken out once a day to review.  With the embryoscope the embryos stay in the safe environment and are monitored the full 24 hours a day, not just the one look.

3 other things I've tried.  Just not this round.  

1.) Gluten Free:  This was too challenging for me

2.) Resuming "Normal" After Transfer: Most round I tried to continue normal with my life, working out going for walks, vacuuming, cleaning and grocery shopping.

3.) Fertility Sand: My sister did a few rounds of IVF and was given fertility sand from some desert.  She gave it to me.  I used it every round except the one that worked?  Hmmmm....


  1. I'm very happy for the success of your IVF! Those things must really worth a try for those who are going through the IVF procedure and wary about the imminent result. Anyway, I'll be glad to hear about your baby! I hope everything will go well with your delivery. Thank you for sharing about your IVF journey! :)

    Rachael Peterson @ Sex Smart

  2. Its lovely to read someone documenting their IVF. I have just started to, its kind of therapeutic in itself. There is so much advice out there it can be quite overwhelming cant it? Congrats on it being successful x

  3. PS I've pinned your blog to my IVF board for others x


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