10 Weeks Pregnant

Yay I've made it to week 10.  I am feeling great and starting to look a little chubby.  

How far along: 10 weeks 3 days

Size of the baby: The size of a Prune

Total weigh gain:   pound or so..

Exercise:  Just a lot of house work. 

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Yes!  

Movement: None but at night if a lightly touch my stomach I can feel fluttering

Food cravings: Salt and vinegar chips

Nausea and Symptoms: Gone! I went off progesterone this week and have been cured of my nausea!  Yay!  

Mood: GREAT!  I am feeling great and so happy I am not nauseous any more!

Moment to Remember of the week: My sisters twin 3 year olds birthday party!  I told some family members the good news. I also took my niece to her first dance class.  Adorable! 

Looking forward to:  The phone call next week telling us the sex of the baby!   


  1. yay! Glad to read that you are feeling better.

  2. So glad you are feeling better! Can't wait to hear what you are having

  3. I am glad you are feeling better!! Can't wait to hear the news!

  4. Looking good! Glad you are feeling better.


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