Snow, snow and more snow!

When Christmas was on it's was I vividly remember wishing for a white Christmas. Well, that did not happen but this February certainly has been a cold snowy one here on the North Shore of Boston.

We have had 2 storms both with over 1 foot of snow.  One was "The Blizzard of 2015"!  We are now bracing ourselves for yet another storm!  over 24 inches.  Yikes..! I am in what they are calling "The Jackpot" area.  Lucky us... (hit the sarcasm button)
My only question is...  Where are we going to put it?

The good side: ..if there is one

  • I am early pregnant and my husband is doing all the shoveling
  • My mom was pregnant with me during the blizzard of 78, now I am pregnant how cool!  
  • Great sledding down our driveway! 
  • Good time to try new recipes! 

You can see how deep the snow banks are by the basketball net
This is actually our second driveway.  That pot is huge on each side! 

Snow bank is rising above the kitchen window!  Must be over my head

A couple hours later! 


  1. We have so much snow here in upstate ny but not as much as you. I'm starting to feel cabin fever set in!

  2. I can not even imagine that much snow!! I am from southeast Texas so we are happy when there is snow every 5 years or so and also ready for it to leave! haha Hope you all stay safe :)


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