**IVF Update** Day 7 of Injections

Today is Day 7 of Injections.  Yesterday morning I had to drive into the office for blood and ultrasound. Waking up was rough as it was a mere 10 degrees out!  I dragged my butt out of bed and hit the road in time to beat the work traffic at 5:50am. I was told I had 7 sizable eggs. The call back later in the day confirmed but for what ever reason we did not go over sizes and after 4 other rounds I really don't care.  When I was in the office I do remember 17, 17 1/2, 15, 14, & 14 that is missing a few but I get the picture. So now, I do not have to go back in for any more ultrasounds!  I am done and last night was my last series of shots.  Tonight I will trigger, once I get the phone call with instructions, bringing me to a Friday retrieval.  My husband will have surgery the same day. 

This morning it is 4 degrees!  WOW!  And it os going to be a cold week!

The plan is:
  • I injected once more last night 
  • I will trigger tonight
  • My retrieval will be Friday
  • My husbands operation will be timed with mine
  • Pending 3 Day Transfer for Monday
How I am feeling and symptoms :

  • Full
  • Crampy
  • My face is red and blotchy
  • Extreme fatigue
  • I have lost 3 pounds (this is strange, but I'll take it! )
I forgot to take Gonal-f out of my fridge prior to injections on the night of day 4.  When I inject cold this pic below is what happens!  This has happened in a prior round as well.   You think I would learn! 

Swelling goes down by the time I wake up. I am sure way sooner.


  1. Good luck on Friday!!

    It's -25 here in Chicago with the wind chill. I have the heat up to 70 in our house and a blanket on and I'm still cold! Not looking forward to taking my dog for a walk today.

    1. Thank goodness I have a large yard for my dog!!

  2. Wishing you the best of luck on Friday and Monday!!

  3. Goodluck on Friday!! Hope all goes well.


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