IVF Symptoms and Drumroll.... 1st Beta Results

For people finding this post on Google and possibly in the dreaded 2ww. I put back two eggs. One a perfect 7 cell and a 10 cell medium grade

The first week of the 2ww went by pretty smooth. First 3 Days were waiting for transfer and still recovering from retrieval so I don't tend to anticipate much at this time. A girlfriend and I had decided to spend the afternoon into evening in Portsmouth NH for shopping and dinner Saturday, this really helped give me something to look forward to and let the first week slide right by. This past week, on the other hand, has been one of the hardest weeks of my life!  Hense I have been MIA from posting "in-time" like I had said I would.

On Monday, I was at an appointment when I got a call from my mom that "It is time". My grandfather was passing away. I spent the rest of the morning at a local Hospice that he had just been admitted to the day before.  Things moved fast and he passed away that day.

Have you ever been there for someones last breath?  I hadn't.  I was pretty strong (especially considering I am on progesterone) He was 90 years old and lived a full life.  Talking to my mom we agreed that he went so peacefully.  What a way to go, surrounded by family and friends.  This for the next 24 hours really made me upset.  Who will be there when I die? I cried. My husband is 11 years older than me and surly to go first.  I have no kids I thought ..I will be alone :(

The very next morning, Tuesday, I woke up like a tuck ran me over.  I had caught the flu. It was unlike any illness I had ever had.  The aches and pains, fever, cough and pure exhaustion.  Everyone that visited my grandfather caught this illness!  Me, I was quarantines to my bedroom in hopes to not get the rest of my family sick. Tuesday - Friday I could barely eat.  All I could do was sleep to get relief. I missed my grandfathers wake and funeral.  I did not leave the room until late Friday morning for my blood work.  I almost didn't go since I was still achey and knew it would be a hard drive for me.  I did it anyway.  This round couldn't have worked so I just wanted to get it over with! 

It proved itself hard but I did do it.  Once home I got straight back into bed. My husband is a police officer and got the route near our house which was a blessing, he could check in on me.  As the hours went by I think we both had little hope.  What could have possibly survived what I had and am still going through?

My nurse called at 1:30pm and straight away heard how sick I was. I told her how I had been so.. sick and expected bad news.  "On the contrary.. I have great news 186.5! That's a great number!" There was no request for a second beta my number is high enough. I was just in shock.  I couldn't believe it.  I still can't believe it. I am going in to see my Dr. on Monday an have asked for a repeat blood since I will be there.  But.. Wow Right!

I know I am on a long slow road for a success.  I am happy to be on the road!

This cycles symptoms:
Keep in mid I am on endometrium a progesterone.  

1dp3dt - I felt cramps / soreness I assume from transfer.  Boobs are a little sore.

2dp3dt - I can still feel my uterus.  It is hard to put a word to it but I am sure I am still recovering.  My boobs are huge!  I am also very bloated

3dp3dt - same as yesterday.  I am realizing that my back aches sometimes :(

4dp3dt - finally my first twing, just for seconds. Also a mild headache.

5dp3dt - cramps off and on afternoon through night

6dp3dt - mild cramps.

7dp3dt - no symptoms today

8dp3dt- I woke up feeling like a Mac Truck hit me!  Flu :( still cramping.

9dp3dt - survived the night. 102.1 temperature with aches and pains like I can not explain. Went to the Dr. To confirm and see what I can take. ..nothing.  I am pending pregnant so I am treated as pregnant.  Reality check.  I feel some twinges and pulls, a little cramping

10dp3dt - still sick. Coughing so much my throat and abs both kill! I have to crawl into a bawl to cough.  Temp at 99.3 ish. I feel lots of twinges and pulls going on down there all over the place.

11dp3dt - the big day Beta 186.5 What!!!

Today 13dp3dt - I woke up with lots of cramps throughout the night last night.  I guess thats a good sign?


  1. Yay! For positive beta! Hope you get better soon.

  2. Oh wow, what a challenging and emotional few days. So sorry for your loss. But wonderful news mixed in!! Congratulations! I am really excited for you and hope things continue to go well from here.

  3. Fabulous news!!!!
    This happened to me too right away! Weird or what?!? But it does keep your expectations low and makes everything that much greater when it's good news!
    Just fabulous news! I've been thinking of you all week!

  4. So sorry for the loss of your grandfather. WONDERFUL NEWS about your beta!!

  5. What a week! So sorry for your loss and the flu...but so happy about your beta!!!

  6. Congrats!! I had cramping through the first two weeks of my pregnancy so I assume it is completely normal!

  7. I have no idea how on earth I missed this post but congrats!!!!


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