How To Prepare And Recover Well Form An Egg Retrieval By A 5 RoundVeteran

I had a question from Amie with "Is It Time Yet" see blog here on my last post. 
"If you have any recommendations or tips for before and after I'd love to hear them :)"

After thinking about this, I too have googled searching for answers to this same question in the past, so.. I thought I would share my experience in hopes to shed light and share my experience.

I have had 5 IVF egg retrievals to date. 
Each round I have produced 6-12 follicles that were retrieved.  

What to Expect:
I remember my first retrieval / surgery, I was so.. scared!  The anesthesiologist was so nice to me in the surgical room, rubbing my head telling me it would be ok!  Now 4 rounds later I still get a little nervous but it is more for the IV they insert into your arm or hand than the light snooze I take.  

Let me assure you after having this procedure done just yesterday I can easily tell you that the IV insertion did not hurt one bit (and she did not numb the area). Also being put under Anastasia can actually be a nice thing!  A little nap!  To be nervous is normal, but as I look back on my own experience I can assure you that it is Easy Peasy!  

Know that you will need a ride home and will need to be supervised by a responsible adult for the next 24 hours. You will not be allowed to drive or make any legal decisions in this time.  

My first 4 rounds I really did not want to wake up after surgery.  If they let me I could have easily slept right there at the surgical center all day!  This past round I woke up right away and actually felt pretty normal.  

Upon waking up, most rounds I had felt moderate cramps right away. I have grown up with bad periods and my level of pain may be different than another woman but with this said the pain is very manageable.  Sore mixed with cramps.  This round however I have had little discomfort.  The nurses put a heating pad on my abdomen for relief upon waking.  

Going home and for the next day I felt that just the vibration of walking around sent light cramps and sore sensations to my uterus :( This round, the day after, I am sore a but but can walk around.

Since they always tell me I can resume to sexual activity as of the day after retrieval, I have always felt that maybe it hits me harder than average.  I am absolutely not comfortable enough to have sex. Maybe tomorrow or day after, if my husband didn't have a retrieval himself that is, and this is the best I have felt!  

My Tips: 
  • Drink a lot of water the day before.  The Anastasia will dehydrate you.
  • Clean your home prior - vacuuming, bending and pushing will be a challenge and can be bothersome.
  • Pre make meals or plan on ordering out
  • Have a heating pad handy the ones they give you last 10 minutes each
  • Take the day to sleep or rest
  • Bring or wear warm socks
  • You should be taking your prenatal vitamins already
  • Take it easy for a few days - It won't kill you! 
For me, all 4 of my first rounds were pretty much the same.  This last 5th round was drastically easier than the others.  With this said I can't help but say that each rounds recovery can be different.  

I have gradually gotten better with my eating habits and exercise as rounds have gone on and can't help but wonder if this has helped?  It couldn't have hurt!  

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  1. Well that was too sweet of you to answer my question by doing an entire post!! Thanks so much for all of these helpful hints. Hopefully I get to have an egg retrieval and will use these :)


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