A New Year and My IVF Round 5 is in Motion!

It was a bitter sweet New Years Eve in the DiVirgilio house hold. I woke up knowing that aunt flow had arrived. The good news was that it was my official Day 1 of this cycle! I could finally fantasize of  all of those land mark days such as 2nd trimester and due date.  The down side was that it hit me hard, so hard actually that we cancelled our dinner plans for this New Years Eve Evening. My sweet husband served us dinner in bed with promises of a New Years Lunch in the morning!

Today marks day 4. I have injected Menopur 150 and Gonol-f 300, a much larger dose than prior rounds, 3 nights now. I went in for my first blood and ultra sound early this am and got a call back around noon. I have 1 or 2 measurable folicals and a couple smaller. This is normal for me at this point. Tonight and for the next couple nights I will be reducing the Gonol-f and adding Ganorelix.

These pictures are from Early November. I thought I was doing this round late November but that's IVF for you! Twists, turns, unpredictability and surprises! My husband agreed to do surgery once again. Yes, the same surgery he vowed to never do again! I couldn't be happier!


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