IVF Symptoms and Drumroll.... 1st Beta Results

For people finding this post on Google and possibly in the dreaded 2ww. I put back two eggs. One a perfect 7 cell and a 10 cell medium grade

The first week of the 2ww went by pretty smooth. First 3 Days were waiting for transfer and still recovering from retrieval so I don't tend to anticipate much at this time. A girlfriend and I had decided to spend the afternoon into evening in Portsmouth NH for shopping and dinner Saturday, this really helped give me something to look forward to and let the first week slide right by. This past week, on the other hand, has been one of the hardest weeks of my life!  Hense I have been MIA from posting "in-time" like I had said I would.

On Monday, I was at an appointment when I got a call from my mom that "It is time". My grandfather was passing away. I spent the rest of the morning at a local Hospice that he had just been admitted to the day before.  Things moved fast and he passed away that day.

Have you ever been there for someones last breath?  I hadn't.  I was pretty strong (especially considering I am on progesterone) He was 90 years old and lived a full life.  Talking to my mom we agreed that he went so peacefully.  What a way to go, surrounded by family and friends.  This for the next 24 hours really made me upset.  Who will be there when I die? I cried. My husband is 11 years older than me and surly to go first.  I have no kids I thought ..I will be alone :(

The very next morning, Tuesday, I woke up like a tuck ran me over.  I had caught the flu. It was unlike any illness I had ever had.  The aches and pains, fever, cough and pure exhaustion.  Everyone that visited my grandfather caught this illness!  Me, I was quarantines to my bedroom in hopes to not get the rest of my family sick. Tuesday - Friday I could barely eat.  All I could do was sleep to get relief. I missed my grandfathers wake and funeral.  I did not leave the room until late Friday morning for my blood work.  I almost didn't go since I was still achey and knew it would be a hard drive for me.  I did it anyway.  This round couldn't have worked so I just wanted to get it over with! 

It proved itself hard but I did do it.  Once home I got straight back into bed. My husband is a police officer and got the route near our house which was a blessing, he could check in on me.  As the hours went by I think we both had little hope.  What could have possibly survived what I had and am still going through?

My nurse called at 1:30pm and straight away heard how sick I was. I told her how I had been so.. sick and expected bad news.  "On the contrary.. I have great news 186.5! That's a great number!" There was no request for a second beta my number is high enough. I was just in shock.  I couldn't believe it.  I still can't believe it. I am going in to see my Dr. on Monday an have asked for a repeat blood since I will be there.  But.. Wow Right!

I know I am on a long slow road for a success.  I am happy to be on the road!

This cycles symptoms:
Keep in mid I am on endometrium a progesterone.  

1dp3dt - I felt cramps / soreness I assume from transfer.  Boobs are a little sore.

2dp3dt - I can still feel my uterus.  It is hard to put a word to it but I am sure I am still recovering.  My boobs are huge!  I am also very bloated

3dp3dt - same as yesterday.  I am realizing that my back aches sometimes :(

4dp3dt - finally my first twing, just for seconds. Also a mild headache.

5dp3dt - cramps off and on afternoon through night

6dp3dt - mild cramps.

7dp3dt - no symptoms today

8dp3dt- I woke up feeling like a Mac Truck hit me!  Flu :( still cramping.

9dp3dt - survived the night. 102.1 temperature with aches and pains like I can not explain. Went to the Dr. To confirm and see what I can take. ..nothing.  I am pending pregnant so I am treated as pregnant.  Reality check.  I feel some twinges and pulls, a little cramping

10dp3dt - still sick. Coughing so much my throat and abs both kill! I have to crawl into a bawl to cough.  Temp at 99.3 ish. I feel lots of twinges and pulls going on down there all over the place.

11dp3dt - the big day Beta 186.5 What!!!

Today 13dp3dt - I woke up with lots of cramps throughout the night last night.  I guess thats a good sign?

How To Prepare And Recover Well Form An Egg Retrieval By A 5 RoundVeteran

I had a question from Amie with "Is It Time Yet" see blog here on my last post. 
"If you have any recommendations or tips for before and after I'd love to hear them :)"

After thinking about this, I too have googled searching for answers to this same question in the past, so.. I thought I would share my experience in hopes to shed light and share my experience.

I have had 5 IVF egg retrievals to date. 
Each round I have produced 6-12 follicles that were retrieved.  

What to Expect:
I remember my first retrieval / surgery, I was so.. scared!  The anesthesiologist was so nice to me in the surgical room, rubbing my head telling me it would be ok!  Now 4 rounds later I still get a little nervous but it is more for the IV they insert into your arm or hand than the light snooze I take.  

Let me assure you after having this procedure done just yesterday I can easily tell you that the IV insertion did not hurt one bit (and she did not numb the area). Also being put under Anastasia can actually be a nice thing!  A little nap!  To be nervous is normal, but as I look back on my own experience I can assure you that it is Easy Peasy!  

Know that you will need a ride home and will need to be supervised by a responsible adult for the next 24 hours. You will not be allowed to drive or make any legal decisions in this time.  

My first 4 rounds I really did not want to wake up after surgery.  If they let me I could have easily slept right there at the surgical center all day!  This past round I woke up right away and actually felt pretty normal.  

Upon waking up, most rounds I had felt moderate cramps right away. I have grown up with bad periods and my level of pain may be different than another woman but with this said the pain is very manageable.  Sore mixed with cramps.  This round however I have had little discomfort.  The nurses put a heating pad on my abdomen for relief upon waking.  

Going home and for the next day I felt that just the vibration of walking around sent light cramps and sore sensations to my uterus :( This round, the day after, I am sore a but but can walk around.

Since they always tell me I can resume to sexual activity as of the day after retrieval, I have always felt that maybe it hits me harder than average.  I am absolutely not comfortable enough to have sex. Maybe tomorrow or day after, if my husband didn't have a retrieval himself that is, and this is the best I have felt!  

My Tips: 
  • Drink a lot of water the day before.  The Anastasia will dehydrate you.
  • Clean your home prior - vacuuming, bending and pushing will be a challenge and can be bothersome.
  • Pre make meals or plan on ordering out
  • Have a heating pad handy the ones they give you last 10 minutes each
  • Take the day to sleep or rest
  • Bring or wear warm socks
  • You should be taking your prenatal vitamins already
  • Take it easy for a few days - It won't kill you! 
For me, all 4 of my first rounds were pretty much the same.  This last 5th round was drastically easier than the others.  With this said I can't help but say that each rounds recovery can be different.  

I have gradually gotten better with my eating habits and exercise as rounds have gone on and can't help but wonder if this has helped?  It couldn't have hurt!  

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Thing I Will Avid During IVF

Today was Transfer Day

Transfer Day

So we ended up with a day 3 transfer.  The doctor told us if we decided to "risk" it that we could try for a day 5 transfer.  I am not about to risk anything!

We put back 2 embryos
7 cell Grade 3 (3 being best grade)
10 cell grade 2

we had a few others similar to the 10 but with the help from the embryoscope the Dr.'s were ale to determine that this was the best embryo to put back with the 7.  The 7 cell has a "high potential of implantation"

I am surprised that I am not feeling as happy as I thought I would feel
I guess I am just nervous

How I feel physically? 
A little cranky actually. My Dr. Told me to take it easy for the night and I plan too!
Fingers crossed!

Embryo Results Are In!

If you have been reading along than you know that my Infertility Dr.'s had retrieved 10 follicles aka: eggs yesterday.  

We have chosen to use a Embryoscope, for an extra fee this round.  See here for post

I am hoping 4+ made it to become embryos, giving us a shot to actually select which to put back as well as greater chances of success. We have never had enough to select previously in rounds as 1 or 2 embryos only made it to day 3.

The Results:
Of 10 folicals, 9 made it to fertilization
Of the 9, 7 of them fertilized

I am thrilled beyond belief!  My Dr. called me himself to tell me of the good news and to prepare for a 5 day transfer.  Something I never thought would happen. I hoped, but have always accepted that I would always be a 3 day transfer. 

Someone will call me tomorrow to let me know how the embryos are developing and confirm the 3 or 5 day transfer.  


IVF Round #5 Update - Retrieval went well

Today was retrieval day and everything went great.

My husband went first checking in at 6:30am, surgery at 7:30. I was prepping for my 8:30 retrieval when the Dr. came out to tell me it was a success.  He went as easy as possible knowing how deep he would have to go to retrieve what he needed. This was his second time doing this surgery.  He had a very difficult recovery after his last one.

I went in at 8:30am and was done within the hour.  This was my 5th retrieval. I woke up well from the anesthesia and barely felt cramps.   It is now hours later and I can't believe how great I feel.  I normally feel extremely sore and want to sleep all day.  Ok I did take a nap when I got home but that was due to the 5am wake up and excitement leading up to the big event than that I needed it - like prior rounds. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to go to the mall or gym or anything.

I had 7 folicals 3 days ago
They retrieved 10.  This is above average for me. Yay!

I will find out tomorrow how many fertilized and they will be secured in the Embryoscope by then.
See here for Embryoscope 

I feel relieved and real positive!  Lucky round 5?

My crackers and tea after retrieval 

Resting after retrieval 

**IVF Update** Day 7 of Injections

Today is Day 7 of Injections.  Yesterday morning I had to drive into the office for blood and ultrasound. Waking up was rough as it was a mere 10 degrees out!  I dragged my butt out of bed and hit the road in time to beat the work traffic at 5:50am. I was told I had 7 sizable eggs. The call back later in the day confirmed but for what ever reason we did not go over sizes and after 4 other rounds I really don't care.  When I was in the office I do remember 17, 17 1/2, 15, 14, & 14 that is missing a few but I get the picture. So now, I do not have to go back in for any more ultrasounds!  I am done and last night was my last series of shots.  Tonight I will trigger, once I get the phone call with instructions, bringing me to a Friday retrieval.  My husband will have surgery the same day. 

This morning it is 4 degrees!  WOW!  And it os going to be a cold week!

The plan is:
  • I injected once more last night 
  • I will trigger tonight
  • My retrieval will be Friday
  • My husbands operation will be timed with mine
  • Pending 3 Day Transfer for Monday
How I am feeling and symptoms :

  • Full
  • Crampy
  • My face is red and blotchy
  • Extreme fatigue
  • I have lost 3 pounds (this is strange, but I'll take it! )
I forgot to take Gonal-f out of my fridge prior to injections on the night of day 4.  When I inject cold this pic below is what happens!  This has happened in a prior round as well.   You think I would learn! 

Swelling goes down by the time I wake up. I am sure way sooner.

Embryoscope Technology For This Round of IVF


This round my husband and I have decided to invest in technology.  We are going to have our embryos put into an Embryoscope. An Embryoscope is the most modern of technology in our time. Currently 14 Infertility clinics in the US offer the Embryoscope (as of August 2014) and although my quantity of eggs have not been ideal, we are willing to try everything possible to help increase our chances.  


A New Year and My IVF Round 5 is in Motion!

It was a bitter sweet New Years Eve in the DiVirgilio house hold. I woke up knowing that aunt flow had arrived. The good news was that it was my official Day 1 of this cycle! I could finally fantasize of  all of those land mark days such as 2nd trimester and due date.  The down side was that it hit me hard, so hard actually that we cancelled our dinner plans for this New Years Eve Evening. My sweet husband served us dinner in bed with promises of a New Years Lunch in the morning!

Today marks day 4. I have injected Menopur 150 and Gonol-f 300, a much larger dose than prior rounds, 3 nights now. I went in for my first blood and ultra sound early this am and got a call back around noon. I have 1 or 2 measurable folicals and a couple smaller. This is normal for me at this point. Tonight and for the next couple nights I will be reducing the Gonol-f and adding Ganorelix.

These pictures are from Early November. I thought I was doing this round late November but that's IVF for you! Twists, turns, unpredictability and surprises! My husband agreed to do surgery once again. Yes, the same surgery he vowed to never do again! I couldn't be happier!

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