*IVF Round 5 Update* To Blog (in-time) Or Not To Blog!

So I finally have our dates for IVF round 5 and I am once again..  Exited & Nervous!
It seems like I've been talking about this forever!

Now that I have my dates I am scared to Blog in-time about the play by play

  • Scared for it not to work.
  • Nervous for my personal story to be out there for everyone to read.
  • What if this is the last round and it doesn't work?

So many Fears and questions.
Ultimately I know what the answer is.
I will blog my day to day experience.  In-time
I totally respect people who delay posting and trust me I understand!
For me I feel that the reason I am blogging about my journey in the first place is to let people jump on board with me.  Delaying these posts leaves too much wonder.

  • The post are my true feelings in time
  • Postin that day leaves no room for editing the raw reality
  • I hope to enlighten anyone of the realities of IVF

Unsure if anyone even will follow along, it actually helps me.  It gives me a place to let it all out and share.  

So thanks to all my followers out there! Your comments are always appreciated. 

The scoop:
I will be going off BC Dec 27th
Injections start as soon as New Years Eve.  Retrieval to match up with my husbands sperm retrieval mid Jan. I will write post once I know more.  


  1. Wishing you the best of luck!!

  2. Good luck. I am glad the blog is helpful to you in the this process. Anything that helps - use it! it is a stressful time for sure.

  3. Good luck! I hope this is the one that works!

  4. Goodluck! Praying this is the one that works.


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