5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Complaining About Your Elf On The Shelf Now!

I spent the morning stewing over a Facebook post by of all people... my sister.  "Am I the only parent who has zero interest in doing Elf on the Shelf? Hasn't this thing jumped the shark yet? It was followed by this link. http://www.mommyish.com/2014/10/25/i-will-never-buy-elf-on-the-shelf/
I read it and I get it, but it still doesn't make right what happened next...  over 20 people commented on this elf saying things like "It is awful", "don't do it", "it's all about the overachieving parents on pinterest"and my favorite "ain't nobody got time for that" lol!  Suddenly I couldn't help but notice other posts by people complaining of this toy.  

Why the fuss?  Why is everyone complaining?

I understand if a parent chooses not to do it for any reason they choose.  What I do not understand is the competition between parents and lack of empathy and understanding for parents who do? 

Here is my list of reasons I don't want to 
hear you complain about your Elf On The Shelf

1. Nobody likes a Martyr.  Definition: a person who displays or exaggerates their discomfort or distress in order to obtain sympathy or admiration.

2. Some parents actually enjoy it and have embraced this as a tradition.  Why rain on their parade?

3. Some of us have been trying for years and can only dream of having a little one let alone hide a magical elf around the house for them.  You sound like a jerk! 

4. If your kid is not even age appropriate you are just an idiot for even doing it let alone complain. 

5. Do it or don't do it.  Some of us just don't want to hear about how hard it is to do things for your kids or what parenting style you are choosing.  Save it for you mommy and me group.  


  1. Well said. The elf is not really my thing. I prefer an advent calendar with little wooden boxes. And it's never lost on me how blessed I am to enjoy this tradition with my little one!

  2. Great post. We never even thought of doing the elf, but I've been loving seeing everyone else's photos! I h ave no idea why people are complaining about them, each to their own I say! xx

  3. Why bother buying an elf if all you are going to do is complain??? Just don't buy it!!!

  4. lol. As someone who grew up without celebrating Christmas per se (I have celebrated since about age 14) I find a lot of the Christmas schtick baffling, although if it makes people happy, yay for it all! I think whether or not to have an elf on the shelf is hardly the most momentous parenting decision one will make. Not going to lose any sleep over that one.


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