How quickly everything can change.. IVF Update

One minute I am unpacking my meds preparing for my first injection, the next thing I know I am rescheduling and planning on seeing my doctor in January... 2 months from now.  You would think that I would be disappointed but couldn't be further from.  My husband has decided to get sperm retrieval surgery again! This time to be synced up to my retrieval!!  I could not be happier.  I had not pressured him knowing how terrible his recovery was the first time around and the fact he actually said "I will not do that surgery again"...   I cried all day once he told me.  I have never been so surprised.  It feels wonderful to know he wants this as bad as I do that he will do anything.. even go through that again.

This past week my husband had a sperm analysis.  It came back Zero (actually 2).  We have come to find out that he has not been off his testosterone long enough.  2 months as of now.  It takes 3 months for a sperm to develop once off testostrone so he shouldn't have been tested until December end earliest.   Although he has agreed to do the surgery our Dr. thinks it is best we wait the 3 months months.  

The Plan:

  • To both continue acupuncture 
  • Early January DH to get Sperm Analysis
  • 3 days later meet with Dr. to discuss next step  
  • Stay off the pill until meeting with Dr. early Jan
Hurry up and wait!  

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  1. Until more recently, I didn't know about the 2 month process part for sperm either. Maybe by then he'll have more but best of luck to you guys with the surgery if you do move forward with that :)


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