My Infertility Melt Down

As many of you know I have been struggling with infertility for years now.  I have completed 4 rounds of IVF and am about to start my 5th round sometime soon.

I am realizing that I am completely freeking out!  
Like everyday ..all the time!
I am: Anxious, Moody, Bajigidy, Stressed, Sad, Mad, Angry and Scared Shitless!  
I just can not shake it and this is most upsetting.   I am trying so hard to have "hope" and to "live in the moment" but reality is feeling very heavy that this may just not work.

Desperate to feel better going into this round do any of you have any tips on how to stay optimistic?
I am currently trying breathing technics for my anxiety and stress.

Thanks :(

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  1. I am so sorry you are feeling this way. While I didn't have to struggle for nearly as long as you have I went through three IUI's and two full rounds of IVF to get this baby. During that second round of IVF I was feeling a lot of the same things it was just so scary to not know if it will ever work. I am still in shock it did work that last time and while my little boy is due next month I can still hardly believe it. I just know that all of it was worth it and I would have continued to fight as long as I could to get to this point because now all the scary thoughts and painful procedures are in the past. Just cling to that hope because it is all we have and know when you finally get there the struggle will make you appreciate everything on a level so much deeper than most ever get the chance to feel. Thats the part that makes me grateful it was not just so easy like most have it. It takes a warrior to keep fighting like you have just keep that hope strong as much as you can I truly hope this is it for you!!


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