Acupuncture for Zero Sperm Round #5 Update

Update on our IVF Round #5

We have decided to push our final frozen round until the end of the year.  To refreeze the sperm is something like $1500 a year to be paid Jan 1st if we still want to keep it frozen. We would like to avoid that fee.  

In speaking with my acupuncturist, she is convinced that she can help.  She believes that she can get his zero sperm count up to an ok range that we may have a chance of doing a fresh round.  I am feeling very pessimistic about this but..  can't help be curious.  
I have done a little research and am intrigued to understand that their is an actual chance!

She has him on a herbs called Vital Treasure.  6 pills 2x a day
The list of ingredients are endless but this is suppose to get everything going.
So he will be going once a week (like me) up until November while continuously taking these herbal pills. 

I'll for sure post the results then

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  1. hope it goes well - we did acupuncture (both of us) and while it is impossible to say for sure if it helped, it *might* have....It's definitely worth a try if at the very least you want to feel that you've tried everything!


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