Thinking about Round IVF #5

I am back from my highly anticipated vacation to Aulani! Look out for some posts in the near future.

The flight home was looong..  9:45 minutes followed by a 2:30 hour flight.  This gave me lots of time to think.  Staying at a Disney resort had no shortage of babies and children of all ages. Not to mention hearing my husband being called dad all week certainly does something to me.  

I am Eager and very scared!

This will be my fifth round of IVF.  What if it does not work?  I am not ready for another failed round :(

The way I left it with my doctor was that I would be starting at the end of this month after the 25th of August.  My last round was about May.  Prior to leaving I was thinking of putting this off until as late as November.  This would give me extra time to workout, get healthy and mentally relaxed.  But I also feel that the longer the wait the more I anticipate and the more stressed I actually get.  

I had the distraction of this vacation prior.  Now with my anticipated Saratoga Springs girls weekend cancelled I am not sure what else there is other than I am in a wedding October 18th.

  • To take wedding into consideration for postponing? 
  • To start sooner or later?

Any thoughts? or advice?


  1. It is such a hard personal decision. We are going through TTC2 and have just had a failed IUI cycle (converted from IVF due to crap follicles) so this year we have had failed IVF, cancelled cycle and a failed IUI and I just don't know if I have it in me anymore. BUT having gone through three fresh and three frozen to get my Molly I know that it was worth every single horrible needle, pill, blood test, operation and invasive procedure. I guess that doesn't really help but I know for me I would have regretted giving up if I didn't keep going to get Molly. Hugs hon.

  2. It's such a personal decision. I think you just need to decide if the wedding will be so strenuous that it would interfere with IVF or possibly coincide with transfer / retrieval dates. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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