Survivor Themed Birthday Party

Our Family DIY Survivor Birthday Party
 Hunter turned 11 this past July
and asked specifically for a Survivor themed party!  
He asked 1 year in advance and asked 
if I would plan it so I felt the pressure!
We ordered a $10 trophy for the winner and a 
$4 trophy for 1st loser!
Many people including woman at trophy store were skeptical saying "one winner?!! they are only 11" 
But seriously..?  there is only one winner in survivor and in the end I am so happy we did it!  Kids were all great sports and loved the competition!  Besides they expected one winner!

Upon arriving painted their name on a frame
We hung the frames on a tiki torch for each kid
Tribal counsel was set up at the far side of the yard

I ordered these adorable invitations on Etsy
We used paper bags for the hidden $1 a bag of 50 for the hidden immunity clue

 I pre designated 2 camp sites with colored numbers

I forgot to take a pic bu tin the bags on the ground are buffs they drew rocks for
Drawing for teams with painted rocks
Tribe names to be chosen and painted! 

Noodle Challenge
1 Noodle 3 beach balls
first to 3 goals wins!

Tribal Counsel  Their tourch got snuffed but they remained in the game
another twist they could also still vote! 

Vote casting

Reading of the votes

Once voted out you get to chose who gets to read hidden immunity clue
Nice twist!


Toilet Paper Challenge!
Phrase scrambler!  Hunter Loves bacon so this is funny
Water cup challenge!  Intense!

First Voted Out!! 
Final 2
Dollar Store decor!
Final Speaches!
Old votes!

When it was over smores!  :)


  1. This is so cute!! You did a fantastic job and it looks like they really enjoyed it :)

  2. Wow! you are very creative! I'm sure Hunter will remember that party for a long time.

  3. A kid after my own heart! Love the party theme! You did a great job! :)


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