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When looking into Aulani I did a ton of research.  One of the things I really wanted to know was how long it took to walk to restaurants.  Answers varied from 5 minutes to 15.
Well I took pics to help people in the future!  
The answer is a 5 minute stroll! (with pics)  
Above is lobby and view down driveway.   
Below is street lamp on the way down

 On our way down 
(at umbrella just out of pic to left from picture above) about 15 steps
Straight ahead you can see garage 
Vacation Club members can park in free!
 On the left before you reach garage is a coin pond!

 Garage to the left you can see the street below!

 Continuing down on the right there is more water features! 

 Looking back up from garage entrance

 Same location looking "up"

 Again back down (water feature to the right) You can see tree at bottom!

 Once at the tree looking left down the street
See van?  That is where we will cross

 To the left this is the view! Take a pic at the sign!

 And this is plaza across the street where we saw that van

 Just Tacos across to the left (we never went)
Behind it isYuzu (was amazing look for happy hour)
Picture below from inside later in the week

 Straight ahead is Two Scoops

 To the right of that is Monkey Pod 
 This trip we went to Monkey Pod

Great for extra souvenirs

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