A Much Needed Girls Weekend!

Much Needed Ladies Weekend!

A couple weeks ago my best girlfriends and I had plans to go to Frye Island Maine
Last minute it got cancelled and to say the least we were all disappointed.  It is very hard to coordinate a weekend away with work small kids ect.. 
Last minute I got the call that my girlfriends dad decided to donate his vacation house to use!
A House Boat!  Literally a townhouse floating on the water!
As you can see it was amazing.  Too good not to share.

Where: Quincey Bay Marina,  Quincey MA
You can rent it on VRBO.com 


Checking In For My Blog Friends

I just wanted to check in and let everyone who follows my blog know I am ok!  
I know I have not been on here very much recently so I am just checking in

Being this is a fertility blog at the moment I can honestly say I just don't want to talk about it.  I actually feel my best when I don't.  
me after work yesterday

After my last BFN I had my follow up appointment.  We have 1 vile of sperm left.  The last vile did not have very many viable sperm which could be an over all sign or bad luck.  Most likely a bigger problem.  Donor sperm was talked about as well as my husband possibly doing the surgery again which would take up to 6 months to prepare for!  Now he was not at this appointment and I already know what I wanted.  

  • I have 2 rounds left covered by insurance
  • We will do our next round with final vile
  • I got pregnant before with first vile so it can happen again
  • If it fails we will have to have a BIG talk

In Other News
My Real Estate Career has taken off!  I currently have 4 houses on or coming on the market and clients pouring in.  This is great since I love the distraction and can just dive into work.   There wan a time not that long ago I couldn't get out of bed.  I alway remember that and know I am ok!
18 days until Hawaii!  I just can not wait to show my husband and step kids around the beautiful Island of Oahu!   I know I will post pics as I have been looking forward to this trip for hmm  215 days!   lol

Thanks for all of your support out there and I hope to be back on here soon!  

Here are some pics of what's new

My sister's adorable twins!   Rex and Maggie  Created by IVF round 4 !  LOL

 My oldest step Kids Birthday were last week!

My Grandpa Turned 90!   They are so cute still! 


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