Journey Through My IVF Round #4 BFN

My IVF round summery

Started bc
June 1st Sunday retrieval
15 eggs retrieved 
7 eggs to fertilize
1 actually fertilized 
June 4th transfer
1 egg 6 cell grade 2 embryo 40% fractured 

2ww Symptoms Day by Day

  • 6/1 Sunday retrieval slept all day
  • 6/2 Monday hurting very bloated and cramping went to acupuncture 
  • 6/3 Tuesday still very bloated but I am slowly getting better. Noticed I lost a pound since yesterday 
  • 6/4 Wednesday transfer day! went to acupuncture directly after. Still bloated but again lost a pound 
  • 6/5 Thursday 1dp3dt starting to feel better bloating has gone down.  Lost another pound. Hoping to workout tomorrow. Starting my 5 days of pineapple and walnuts
  • 6/6 Friday 2dp3dt had a day off of picking my step kids up from school. Took advantage and went to my sisters house for the afternoon
  • 6/7 Saturday 3dp3dt Beach day. Decides to recreate a day at the beach we had with my sister during her 4th IVF round that turne into twins.  85 degrees out (brought an umbrella) Feeling twingy and just different home at night.  
  • 6/8 Sunday 4dp3dt Doubleheader baseball games followed by an open house. Can't stop googling the word implantation.  Feeling little cramps. My Breasts are super sore 
  • 6/9 Monday 5dp3dt lower back is beginning to hurt as well as small generalized cramping. I can't help compare the feelings to last round that turned out to be a BFN.  Fingers crossed.  Went to acupuncture. 
  • 6/10 Tuesday 6dt3dt Started testing today BFN as expected but I know now trigger is out
  • 6/11 Wednesday 7dp3dt Tested am BFN.  Exhausted all day and started to feel nauseous for a little bit at night with a headache.  Twingy when I was going to bed on the left side.  Sad I compare it to the twingy failed round I had 
  • 6/12 Thursday 8dp3dt Tested this am BFN I have been eating non stop all day.  It is awful and I can't stop.  I went for a 1/2 a$$ run walk to at the least feel better about it. Ugh Breasts are still full hurt on the run.  Went to acupunture tonight sore throat
  • 6/13 Friday 9dp3dt woke up to another BFN and a sore throat still kicking around.  Under the weather most all of the day.  Feeling tiny cramps and at the gym realized boobs still hurt
  • 6/14 Saturday 10dp3dt Decided not to test today.  I'll save all the disappointment for tomorrow.  I truly feel it is negative.  Feeling deflated this morning just like last round that was a BFN temperature of 100.6
  • 6/15 Sunday 11dp3dt Happy Fathers Day!  Went in for blood work early am.   BFN :(

What I hope to point out here is that I actually had real symptoms off an on although this round that did not work.

I am frustrated and feeling angry.  
I know these feelings will fade and I will be back to myself soon.  Every round I rebound faster.  The fact I have gained 10 pounds is just a little extra kicker this round.  

I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday which I will be going to alone.  My husband offered to take the day off but...  I'd rather save it for something more cheerful.  


  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear this. Double sorry you had to heat the news on Fathers Day. Hugs.

  2. so sorry to read this. So frustrating when the universe says no, again.

  3. So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you.

  4. I'm so sorry it was negative.

  5. I am so very sorry to hear this. Thinking of you x

  6. Oh man, so sorry to hear this... sending prayers your way...

  7. I am so sorry to hear this didn't work, and worse on Fathers Day :(


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