Graduation Party Success!

Tonight we hosted my inlaws for my 3 step kids graduation party.   We kept it low key.  I am choosing not to post pictures of anyone other than my husband for privacy reasons.
Fun had by all.  We had so much food left over we called a cruiser to pick it up to feed the station!

Abbigale and Spencer are twins Graduated from Middle school together.  They will be attending different High schools next year.  Hunter Graduated elementary School going into Middle School.

I loved the flowers and pineapple!   Our big gift to them is a trip to Hawaii next month Birthday graduation combo!

Teen Graduation Party Ideas

Gift Money!   

What kid doesn't want to see that!  
looks like little diplomas

 Pinterest Inspired

 I laminated their Nation Honor Society and other accomplishments for show ! 

Our dog Mandy!  

Initial Letters from craft store for keepsake

Pooped!   Kids were running around
Someone get that man a beer! 


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