My First Acupuncture Experience

So I went to my first acupuncture appointment.

I chose my acupuncturist based on price and hours of operation.
I chose Living Well, Salem MA
When I got there I had my forms already filled out.  She brought me into a private room where we talked about all my physical issues including hypothyroidism and my pending round of IVF.
I opted to have my acupuncture done in the community room.  The price is more than 1/2 and I really don't mind other people around me.
The anticipation of the first needle was a little crazy but I did not feel a thing. So at this point I was able to just relax.  No one was actually in the room (I think it may be because I went right when they opened)  I sat there for 1/2 an hour with randomly placed needles all over my body including one in the top of my head.

How I felt:

  • Relaxed -  although I did not fall asleep. I may bring headphones next time
  • Twingy -  I could actually feel my uterus.  It was tingling.

When it was over I didn't feel a thing when she removed the needles except for the one in my head I could totally feel it being pulled out.  It did not hurt at all I could just feel it.  Weird.

After Acupuncture:  Warning a little graphic

This was a little weird so I thought I would mention it.  I had acupuncture done at 9am and at 3am the following morning I woke up  with extreme menstrual cramps.  I was waiting for my period to come in the next few days but I had never gotten it in the middle of the night (or when I wake).  When I went to the bathroom I had passed a blood clot.  When I woke that morning I did not have my period.  Very abnormal for me and exactly 12 hour later.  Now I could be off but I feel like my body was repairing itself already from even just one session!

I was recommended to come back once a week and inform her each time where I am in my cycle.
I am a little surprised I am not going more frequently but maybe when I get to the retrieval and transfer time she will say different.

Please weigh in on any of this!   


  1. This is so interesting! Thank you for sharing! Hope this is the missing piece to everything :)

  2. I went once a week until right before my retrieval and transfer- then i went twice/week.

  3. So glad you enjoyed it! I hope it works well for you.

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  5. Aww! I’m glad you tried undergoing acupuncture treatment. I know a lot of people have second thoughts about it. Anyway, it’s not that bad right? I think it's actually an amazing way to rid yourself of stress. You should totally try it out again, or maybe do it like regularly. :)

    Julio Brzozowski @ US HealthWorks

  6. I think the pain is what most people are skeptical about. But it’s good that you found the whole thing relaxing. And hopefully, this experience paved the way on you attending more sessions. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Hannah Holland @ Berkeley Community Acupuncture and Massage Therapy


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