IVF UPDATE Round 4: Injections are Over!

Finally Injections are over!  The Lupron has done a number to my body as seen in this pic.  I am so bruised!  It even feels worse than it looks.  I really hope the red dots go away soon, I have never had dots in the injection spot before.
As for the rest of me?  I am extremely bloated full and cramps.  As I should be.  I am growing a whopping 15 eggs!  For me ..this is great!   I only had 3 last cycle.

My Retrieval is tomorrow morning 7am.  I assume from my history that this will mean a 3 day transfer on Wednesday.

Acupuncture has been going well.  I went last night and she wants me to come in Monday.  I told her Sunday was out of the question.  I will be going to her prior and post transfer as well.

I hesitate to share how great I feel about this round.  Scared and nervous still I just have a good feeling!


  1. Wow 15 eggs is awesome! Good luck.

  2. Fingers crossed the retrieval goes well! Lupron worked me over, too! Glad you're done with the nasty shots!

  3. Glad your Lupron is over. It really worked me over, too. Fingers crossed for the retrieval tomorrow!

  4. Good luck tomorrow with your retrieval. Will be thinking of you!

  5. Ugh the bruising really sucks... my stomach looked similar with IVF and FETs... but the shots are over and the bruises will fade! Hoping you get all 15 retrieved tomorrow!

  6. That is a really great result! Did you change your protocol this time? Good luck!!


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