IVF Cycle #4 UPDATE! My Meds Have Arrived!

Once again I get to write this exiting post.  My Meds have arrived!

I am just as exited and nervous as any other time.  I start my injections tomorrow!
This time I feel a bit more settled.  Wether it is the acupuncture or the realization that these rounds will be coming to an end soon ..success or not.  I have managed to make peace with where I am in my life and the constant uncertainty.
  • I plan to take it as it comes.  
  • Make the best of it
  • Try to enjoy the moment 
  • Remembering that this is the story of the beginning (possibly) 

We have changed up my protocol again for this round in hopes for me to produce more eggs.  I will be doing micro-flare which means 2 shots a day for 2 days and then 3 until retrieval.  

I sware they could tell me to stand on my head while doing so and I would be happy to do it.


  1. Good luck praying this is it for you!!!

  2. Sending you a ton of good luck vibes and prayers!! xoxo

  3. Good luck! Hope this is the one!

  4. How exciting!! I will be following your journey. I just started my very first round of injections yesterday: follistem, lupron and Menopur. Mom has terminal cancer...and i want to share as much of a hopeful pregnancy as i can. Blogging here : megandewitt.blogspot.com

  5. This is exciting! Good luck on this cycle!!!


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