A Day In Rockport Ma

Oh how I love Rockport Ma ..let me count the ways! 
I am fortunate enough to love 30 minutes from the beautiful town of 
Rockport Ma.
Bearskin Neck is by far my favorite place to visit is Rockport.  There are so many little shops and restaurants.  You can not beet the seafood or the laid back atmosphere!  
We spent the day there yesterday after a double header (baseball) in Gloucester MA. The town just next door.  Yes from "The Perfect Storm"
I wish I took more pictures but here you go! 

Motif #1 This red Building is the most painted structure in the united states.  Also seen in the movie The Proposal.  This is NOT Alaska!  LOL!  Scenes also filmed on Bearskin Neck  

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  1. It looks beautiful and so peaceful!! You've made me want to visit!!


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