IVF UPDATE Round 4: Injections are Over!

Finally Injections are over!  The Lupron has done a number to my body as seen in this pic.  I am so bruised!  It even feels worse than it looks.  I really hope the red dots go away soon, I have never had dots in the injection spot before.
As for the rest of me?  I am extremely bloated full and cramps.  As I should be.  I am growing a whopping 15 eggs!  For me ..this is great!   I only had 3 last cycle.

My Retrieval is tomorrow morning 7am.  I assume from my history that this will mean a 3 day transfer on Wednesday.

Acupuncture has been going well.  I went last night and she wants me to come in Monday.  I told her Sunday was out of the question.  I will be going to her prior and post transfer as well.

I hesitate to share how great I feel about this round.  Scared and nervous still I just have a good feeling!

IVF UPDATE round 4: Day 7 of Injections

So it has been 1 week of injections.
For those of you visiting for the first time this is my 4th round of IVF.  This round I am trying a new protocol called Micro-dose Lupron Flare (I may have that backwards). I take 3 shots a day now instead of the one.  I went in for my first ultrasound to see how I am reacting yesterday.  Growing only 1 egg last round I had low hopes.
Well.. as of now I have 3 measurable and many more just under that have a good chance of catching up!  I will take it!

They are measuring:

The ultrasound tech was very nice and showed me how many eggs were growing and I did see many. I think after I told her about my poor round last month she wanted me to feel better and I thank her very much for that ..I do feel much better.

I have to say I give credit to acupuncture.  Not just the acupuncture itself but the education I got about Chinese medicine and the change in my diet.    No raw fruit and veggies or dairy.  My body has been very upset and this change has turned me around it ways I can not explain!

Now when I look at ice cream I can feel the upset stomach and constipation that will be coming next. I had no idea what I was doing to myself.  I thought eating salads and organic veggies raw was good!
In the long run hopefully but for now ..NO.

IVF Cycle #4 UPDATE! My Meds Have Arrived!

Once again I get to write this exiting post.  My Meds have arrived!

I am just as exited and nervous as any other time.  I start my injections tomorrow!
This time I feel a bit more settled.  Wether it is the acupuncture or the realization that these rounds will be coming to an end soon ..success or not.  I have managed to make peace with where I am in my life and the constant uncertainty.
  • I plan to take it as it comes.  
  • Make the best of it
  • Try to enjoy the moment 
  • Remembering that this is the story of the beginning (possibly) 

We have changed up my protocol again for this round in hopes for me to produce more eggs.  I will be doing micro-flare which means 2 shots a day for 2 days and then 3 until retrieval.  

I sware they could tell me to stand on my head while doing so and I would be happy to do it.

A Day In Rockport Ma

Oh how I love Rockport Ma ..let me count the ways! 
I am fortunate enough to love 30 minutes from the beautiful town of 
Rockport Ma.
Bearskin Neck is by far my favorite place to visit is Rockport.  There are so many little shops and restaurants.  You can not beet the seafood or the laid back atmosphere!  
We spent the day there yesterday after a double header (baseball) in Gloucester MA. The town just next door.  Yes from "The Perfect Storm"
I wish I took more pictures but here you go! 

Motif #1 This red Building is the most painted structure in the united states.  Also seen in the movie The Proposal.  This is NOT Alaska!  LOL!  Scenes also filmed on Bearskin Neck  

Spending The New Year In Aruba

December 2012 into January 2013 my family and I took a trip to my In-Laws Vacation house in Tierra Del Sol on the island of Aruba.  It was an amazing vacation that a few pictures can not show.   Because my husband had been to Aruba before and knew his was around the island well I did not feel the typical need to do much research.  In the end it actually gives me less to talk about here, but I hope you enjoy the pictures and it possibly helps someone in planning things outside of hotel areas.

Our local beach Arashi See Link Here

 Rainbow over our morning walk Tierra Del Sol Golf Corse 

 New Years Eve Day At Tierra Del Sol

Fire works go off all day and night!  This is the view from the neighbors roof deck

Tierra Del Sol Pool Area

Random Fireworks in a beach parking lot 

 Leaving the Natural Pools Aruba

A Secluded beach on a drive off roading the back side side of the island

 Somewhere in Aruba! 

Little League World Series and The KOA Campground in South Williamsport PA

August 2013 Little League World Series

What a great trip!  Every kid, baseball player or not, should experience Williamsport Pa during the Little League World Series!  We had rain, beautiful weather followed by a hot, hot day and loved every bit of it! 

See a few photos below! 

 The kids love to slide down the hill on cardboard 

Our first walk up the hill!  We ended up parking up top the rest of the time.
Kate's Tip: Parking below the field can be a long walk up hill.  Grab a spot from one of the homes selling spaces for $5 

 As the games go on it gets more and more crowded!  

Teasing a Chula Vista News Caster 

Where We Stayed

 As soon as we found out other families were going we quickly found out where so we could reserve. 

At the time of booking we decided instead of renting a campsite that a cabin would fit our family best.  I am the only true camper in our family as I grew up camping places like 

I won't recap what KOA Website already will tell you.  
Instead I will share with you what we thought of our experience.  

Before we left for this vacation I did as much research as I could on the campground.  There is not a very lot of information online so I decided to treat this as if we were actually camping instead of sleeping in a cabin.  

Packing:  We bought a luggage holder for the roof of our SUV
lawn chairs
1 pool towel each
1 pillow each (for car ride and bed)
1 blanket each (same)
bug spray
flash lights
glow sticks
sun screen
1 hat each
sneakers for walking
swim suites

We also stopped at the grocery store before checking in.  We knew we would have a small fridge and microwave.  Honestly we bought too much!  But I think that is because we ended up at a friends campsite most nights. 

The Cabin:  Here is a few pictures of the cabin.  
Tub and shower
Cable TV
small fridge
queen bedroom
closet bunk beds
4 chairs and table

The cabins were a little more exposed that I expected.  Not many trees around for privacy.  
No cabin seemed better than another.

 The kids loved it there.  I am sure it helped that they had friends there too!  
As seen below they had a huge bouncy thing.  It was pretty cool! 
Mini golf course
Kids play area
Pond for fishing (stalked)
Go cart rentals
Petting Zoo (Not much but its there) 
There is also:
General Store
Food shack
Laundry room

Swept Away - Negril Jamaica Review

We Simply Got Swept Away

Couples Swept Away Jamaica

A review of our honeymoon destination.  
My husband and I have both worked in the Travel industry.  At the time of booking this trip I still was.  So needless to say we were well aware of our honeymoon options.  After mountains of research and a bit of soul searching I decided that Swept Away, my Husbands suggestion, was for us!  Sun Dropping into the ocean, good service, 7 miles of beautiful white sand beach and great gym.  The largest fitness complex in the Caribbean.

Getting off the plane we walked up to the airport lounge!  Red Stripe it is! 

 The Transfer is about 45 minutes to the hotel.  The driver happily stopped for us at this side of the road shack.  My husband did not hesitate to sample the local food and it was good!   Coconut to go and we were on our way! 

Welcome to Swept away!  
We arrived and sat with the front desk to find our room was not ready.  We knew this would likely happen so we grabbed our swim suited and headed out to check out the resort.  
Champagne?  Yes I will thank you!  Such a nice touch!  
I am not sure why people opted to sit in the lobby impatiently waiting.

Lobby Staircase
Katie's Tip:  Make your dinner reservations upon arrival.  
You can always change them as you go depending on availability.  

 Beautiful room from our room.  We had lowest category 

View from beach looking back to our room 

Very nice of friends to have champagne and balloons in our room!  

Ah..  the warmest water! 

 Little entertainment!  "No woman no cry..."

 The Scuba guys are super nice!
Diving is all  Inclusive at Swept away!  

What I did while my husband was scuba!  Flag service :)

A little friend in our shower! and deck!   (lizard)

 Lemon Grass amazing room

Our Romantic Beach Dinner


 Clear Ocean water

 I wish I took More pictures of the food.  Sushi, home made chips and hummus and hmm..
This is our favorite spot at Sea Grapes!

My husband hanging on the catamaran 

 blurry pic of spa after a massage

Night time outside Lemon Grass

 My favorite restaurant Feathers!  

Fitness center across the street.  No one was EVER at the pool.  
Great Juice bar!

We'll be back Swept Away!  

We talk about this vacation all the time!  We can't wait to go back
We went September 2012

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