IVF #4 Update - A New Beginning

So we met with our doctor in regard to our round 3 failure.  He is still very optimistic.  My first round was a success, even tho it ended in a loss, I did get pregnant.

The down side
I am not making eggs.  This leaves me with a lower % rate of success.  With that said we have decided to move forward to round four.

Talking with people has been difficult.  Wether it is their optimism or acceptance of me not having children I seem to just get irritated.  I guess I just don't want to hear it.

The Plan

  • Since I had no HCG at all I am able to start this next period.  
  • I expect it around May 2nd.  
  • I will go on birth control for 15 days - ish
  • Start a new protocol just 3 days after BC called Micro-dose, I will be injecting 3 shots a day 
  • My retrieval and transfer should be the first week of June
I am trying to stay relaxed and not worry or stress.  This is hard since I am feeling the pressure.  
I plan to continue Yoga and start up on meditation.  I am scared of acupuncture but will be looking into pre IVF massage  

Wish Me Luck!  


  1. Good luck I pray this is it for you!! Acupuncture scared me also but I really believe it helped me so much for my successful 2nd IVF cycle I had never felt so relaxed.

  2. Best of luck with #4, hoping this is the one for you :)

  3. Good luck!
    You will be in my thoughts.

  4. I do acupuncture and the scariest part for me is paying the bill! Seriously though, it's very relaxing. The needles are so much thinner than the needles you use for injections. Like, hair-thin. You can barely feel them. Anyways, glad you have a plan to move forward, friend.


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