Easter Fire Making Challenge

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!
What great weather we had this year in 2014

Every year my husband and I do an "Easter Challenge" for his three kids 10 and 13 years old. We have done scavenger hunts and minute to win it.  This year we decided to do a fire making challenge. We are really into the show Survivor and last summer purchased flint.  We all got to play around with it and all three kids loved that they were able to make a fire just like they do on the show!

I gathered basic materials and tried to make it as fair as possible.  
They each got a flint in their Easter Baskets

 We left a note on the door

Picking their bundles 

 Picking Spots 
You can't really see it but I tied twine from one tiki torch to the other

 Abbie got hers going first.  
 Spencer got his going next
 Hunter wasn't Far behind it was very exiting
 In the end it was all about the strongest fire in the long run.  Spencer won! 

We has a hose running close by at all times!  
Check your city fire safety rules before attempting this.  


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