1dp3dt - 10dp3dt Symptoms

Sorry i have not updated recently.  I have been going crazy..!  Literally haha..  I hate being on these meds I am a different person.  Well, tomorrow is the big day.  Beta #1.  I have not broke down and tested but I have to say I have little hope.  Other that a headache and back pain I have no symptoms.  ..And I am on progesterone! 

Here are my 2ww Symptoms day by day.


Feeling very crampy still from retrieval but every day healing more.  I am on progesterone now.
I have decided to take it easy for a few days and let my body heal.  I still walked down to get my stepson from school but did not workout.


Mind was elsewhere did not think much about it this day.  Tried to just take it easy.  Feeling really exited that I could actually be pregnant!  OMG!!   How exiting this year will be.


Made a vow not to take a home pregnancy test.  I have made theta mistake in past IVF rounds and don't want to put myself through that again.  I want to try to enjoy this moment and stay hopeful.
My boobs have become very full and are sore.


Hoping to feel some twinges soon!   I have felt a few cramps but nothing major.  No signs of implantation yet.  Boobs still sore.




Again Nada..  Feeling down but still hopeful!


Tonight I felt some twinges to the left of my bellybutton.  For Sure!  Exiting I wonder if it is my still healing or something else ;) Starting to feel like this may have worked!  Mild cramps, pulling sensation behind belly button, mild headache and a backache.


Hmmm..  boobs are no longer sore.  Not sure when this happened. No more sensations in the uterus :(
I still have a headache and a backache.  Seems to be getting worse.


Same symptoms as yesterday.  Add in tons of emotion.  I am an emotional mess.  This just isn't normal.


Well I have lost hope.  I cried this morning twice.  I have no sensation what so ever as I had in my last IVF rounds.  I feel like the meds make me a little crazy or maybe it is just this twisted situation we are in.  Blood is tomorrow.  I am so nervous.  My boobs have deflated along with all my hope.
What will I do if this didm;t work???




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