Vacation Planning Around IVF

When planning our vacations this year it is hard not to consider where I will be with IVF, a pregnancy or maybe (gasp) a baby!  It is so hard to even consider changing or rearranging plans due to any of the above as nothing is certain.
So.. we are going to Hawaii this July!

  • Go Ahead Plan your Vacation
  • Don't worry about how far along you will be until you are actually pregnant
  • Traveling is fun!   Don't put your life on hold because of IVF
  • Yes you can bring Meds on an airplane.  I've done shots in a hotel room Easy Peesy! 
  • In the future your Doctor can work around any dates

Just last year I hoped to have an 8 month old when we took off.  I had visions of a baby playing in the sand, taking walks with a carriage and the challenge of a plane ride.  When that did not work out and I approached my 2nd round I dreamed of a 2/3 month old infant and strapping on a baby biorn.  Last I thought I would be approaching my 3rd trimester taking maternity pictures on the beach.  None of these have panned out.  Do I regret dreaming?  No way!   I love day dreaming of what could be and now with my next round scheduled I would be 21 weeks pregnant when we travel.  Things happen.  Plans change and sometimes things do not work out as I hope but in the end everything will be perfect.  To not go on vacation or change when we have decided to go based on something not certain is just silly.  I am so looking forward to Oahu and showing my step kids around this island I love so much!  Do I dream of having a little pregnant belly?  Yes!  Do I daydream of a family picture on the beach with that belly? ..yes!
My advise to anyone thinking of traveling while planning IVF is:
Plan on..
and continue dreaming!


  1. Good luck with your IVF! I'm glad you have a vacation to look forward to. I think it's important to plan for happy things when the future is so stressful and uncertain.

  2. Hawaii sounds absolutely perfect! I remember putting things on hold and planning around treatments etc early on. After a while, we threw meds in a bag and off we went. I wish you the best with your ivf!


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