My IVF Meds Have Arrived!

Today is my cycle day 1 and my meds have arrived.
I never get used to the feeling I get when I open the box.  Puke. 
Hmm.. the box seems bigger than last time?
Today is Wednesday and I will start injections on Friday. 

Scared and exited all at the same time.  I have such hope and feel as if this time it will absolutely work.  Then I remember feeling that way 2 times before and doubt creeps back in.

I have planned a ladies night dinner tonight!  I am happy to get out of the house and get my mind off of this until Friday!

 Opening the box

Now thats a lot of meds!

After staring at them for 20 minutes

Some belong in the refrigerator until use

repacking them 

and where I will keep them 


  1. I remember staring at the giant box of meds. It's very intimidating! Sending lots of good luck for your cycle!

  2. Oh yes, I did the staring thing, too!!

  3. Best wishes!! My package arrived tomorrow.


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