My Ectopic Pregnancy Scar Reminder

Years ago I was unfortunate enough to experience an ecptopic pregnancy.   It was a tumultuous time in my life for sure.  In an emergency surgery the doctor decided my ruptured tube could not be saved.
They preformed a laparoscopy making 3 incisions in my abdomen.

  • One in my belly button
  • One on my right side at my ovary
  • Another 2 inch incision just below my bikini line.

The scar I notice most is on my right side.  It just didm't seem to heal correctly.

I will spare you the picture of below my bikini line. LOL
But I have a two inch scar in the middle

I think about that ectopic pregnancy often.  I will be honest tho,  seeing the scar is always what reminds me.  It happened 10 years ago.

It is my Reminder of:
Past Decisions
My Past Life
...and the chance that it could happen again!


  1. I have the exact same scars. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry for you loss

  2. I have the same scars, too. Painful yet beautiful reminder. I just found your blog through clicking away on Amateur Nester. :) So sorry for your experience, and your loss.


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